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Perceptions of physicians in Saudi Arabia on the use of international clinical guidelines for managing primary insomnia

evidence-based nationwide guidelines for treating sleep disorders according to its culture and socioeconomic conditions and traditions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ali Dobia, Kath Ryan ... , Mohammed Abutaleb, Alexander Edwards. Data curation: Ali Dobia, Mohammed Abutaleb. Formal analysis: Ali Dobia, Kath Ryan, Mohammed Abutaleb, Alexander Edwards. Funding acquisition: Ali Dobia. Investigation

Using benzodiazepines and Z-drugs for managing primary insomnia in adults in Saudi Arabia: an e-Delphi study to aid the development of clinical guidelines

. Professor Kath Ryan: conception, design, data analysis, writing of paper, and final approval of the version to be published. Ahmed S. BaHammam: conception, design, data acquisition, revising of paper and

How do pharmacists in English general practices identify their impact? An exploratory qualitative study of measurement problems

In England, there is an ongoing national pilot to expand pharmacists’ presence in general practice. Evaluation of the pilot includes numerical and survey-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and requires pharmacists to electronically record their activities, possibly by using activity codes. At the time of the study (2016), no national evaluation of pharmacists’ impact in this...