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The role of older women in contesting norms associated with female genital mutilation/cutting in Senegambia: A factorial focus group analysis

: Bettina Shell-Duncan. Data curation: Bettina Shell-Duncan. Formal analysis: Bettina Shell-Duncan, Amadou Moreau, Katherine Wander, Sarah Smith. Funding acquisition: Bettina Shell-Duncan. Investigation ... : Bettina Shell-Duncan, Amadou Moreau, Katherine Wander. Methodology: Bettina Shell-Duncan. Project administration: Bettina Shell-Duncan, Amadou Moreau. Writing ± original draft: Bettina Shell-Duncan

The evolutionary ecology of early weaning in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Author for correspondence: Katherine Wander e-mail: Katherine Wander 1 Siobhan M. Mattison 0 0 Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland , Auckland , New Zealand 1 Department of

Expanding the Hygiene Hypothesis: Early Exposure to Infectious Agents Predicts Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Candida among Children in Kilimanjaro

Background Multiple lines of evidence suggest that infections in early life prevent the development of pathological immune responses to allergens and autoantigens (the hygiene hypothesis). Early infections may also affect later immune responses to pathogen antigen. Methods To evaluate an association between early infections and immune responses to pathogen antigen, delayed-type...