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Realizability at Work: Separating Two Constructive Notions of Finiteness

Bergen , Norway 2 Keiko Nakata SAP Innovation Center Network , Konrad-Zuse-Ring 10, 14469 Potsdam , Germany We elaborate in detail a realizability model for Martin-L?f dependent type theory with the

A Direct Version of Veldman's Proof of Open Induction on Cantor Space via Delimited Control Operators

First, we reconstruct Wim Veldman's result that Open Induction on Cantor space can be derived from Double-negation Shift and Markov's Principle. In doing this, we notice that one has to use a countable choice axiom in the proof and that Markov's Principle is replaceable by slightly strengthening the Double-negation Shift schema. We show that this strengthened version of Double...

Impact of Genotype-Specific Herd Immunity on the Circulatory Dynamism of Norovirus: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study of Viral Acute Gastroenteritis

Human norovirus is a major cause of viral acute gastroenteritis worldwide. However, the transition of endemic norovirus genotypes remains poorly understood. The characteristics of natural immunity against norovirus are unclear because few studies have been performed in the natural infection setting. This prospective 10-year surveillance study of acute gastroenteritis in the...

Changes in Brain Tissue and Behavior Patterns Induced by Single Short-Term Fasting in Mice

In humans, emaciation from long-term dietary deficiencies, such as anorexia, reportedly increases physical activity and brain atrophy. However, the effects of single short-term fasting on brain tissue or behavioral activity patterns remain unclear. To clarify the impact of malnutrition on brain function, we conducted a single short-term fasting study as an anorexia model using...