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Pointing Treatments Are Task Relevant: A Visuomotor Priming Study

The present study focused on priming effects on pointing with everyday objects. In a set of four experiments, a visuomotor priming paradigm was used to investigate the nature of visuomotor processing (automatic versus task relevant). By manipulating congruency of orientation and location we found that location congruency facilitates the initiation time of pointing whereas...

Blast Coating of Superelastic NiTi Wire with PTFE to Enhance Wear Properties

This work investigates the deposition of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) onto a superelastic NiTi wire using an ambient temperature-coating technique known as CoBlast. The process utilises a stream of abrasive (Al2O3) and a coating medium (PTFE) sprayed simultaneously at the surface of the substrate. Superelastic NiTi wire is used in guidewire applications, and PTFE coatings are...