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Classification of skin lesions using transfer learning and augmentation with Alex-net

. (DOCX) Author Contributions Methodology: Khalid M. Hosny, Mohamed A. Kassem. Software: Mohamed A. Kassem. Supervision: Khalid M. Hosny, Mohamed M. Foaud. Writing ? original draft: Khalid M. Hosny ... , Mohamed A. Kassem. Writing ? review & editing: Khalid M. Hosny. 15 / 17 16 / 17 1. American Cancer Society: Cancer facts and figures 2018 . Available from: content/dam/cancer-org

An Algorithm for Fast Computation of 3D Zernike Moments for Volumetric Images

, Najran University, P.O. BOX 1988, Najran, Saudi Arabia Received 9 May 2012; Revised 6 August 2012; Accepted 29 August 2012 Academic Editor: Wanquan Liu Copyright © 2012 Khalid M. Hosny and Mohamed A