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Elucidation of Softening Mechanism in Rinse Cycle Fabric Softeners. Part 1: Effect of Hydrogen Bonding

from Kobe University in 1991. Koichi Nakamura received a doctrate in engineering from Kyoto University, Japan. He is a senior principal researcher of the R&D research management division, Kao

A case of a perforated obturator hernia with a femoral abscess treated a pectineus muscle flap

Background An obturator hernia accompanied with a femoral abscess is rare, and leads to severe infection. Repeated draining is often required due to remnant abscess. Case presentation We herein reported a case of a perforated obturator hernia with a femoral abscess that was successfully treated via repair using the pectineus muscle. An 84-year-old Japanese woman was referred to...

Postoperative improvement in DASH score, clinical findings, and nerve conduction velocity in patients with cubital tunnel syndrome

We investigated a recovery pattern in subjective and objective measures among 52 patients with cubital tunnel syndrome after anterior subcutaneous transposition of the ulnar nerve. Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) score (primary outcome), numbness score, grip and pinch strength, Semmes-Weinstein (SW) score, static 2-point discrimination (2PD) score, and motor...

Elucidation of Softening Mechanism in Rinse-Cycle Fabric Softeners. Part 2: Uneven Adsorption—The Key Phenomenon to the Effect of Fabric Softeners

research scientist at the latter . Koichi Nakamura is a senior principal researcher in the R&DResearch Management Division at Kao Corporation, Japan. He received a doctoral degree engineering from Kyoto

Bolus ingestion of individual branched-chain amino acids alters plasma amino acid profiles in young healthy men

Physiological conditions in humans affect plasma amino acid profiles that might have potential for medical use. Because the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine are used as medicines and supplements, we investigated the acute effects of individual BCAAs (10–90 mg/kg body weight) or mixed BCAAs ingested as a bolus on plasma amino acid profiles in young...

CORRIGENDUM: Carcinogenicity evaluation for the application of carbon nanotubes as biomaterials in rasH2 mice

Hisao Haniu Nobuhide Ogihara Norio Ishigaki Koichi Nakamura Masanori Okamoto Shinsuke Kobayashi Hiroyuki Kato Kenji Sano Naoyuki Nishimura Hideki Tsutsumi Kazuhiko Machida Naoto Saito SUBJECT AREAS

Manufacturing Strategy for Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as a Biocompatible and Innovative Material

Ogihara,5 Kazuo Hara,5 Seiji Takanashi,5 Masanori Okamoto,5 Koichi Nakamura,5 Norio Ishigaki,5 Tamotsu Tsukahara,6 and Hiroyuki Kato5 1Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu University, 3-1-1

Basic Potential of Carbon Nanotubes in Tissue Engineering Applications

Masayuki Shimizu,6 Nobuhide Ogihara,6 Seiji Takanashi,6 Masanori Okamoto,6 Shinsuke Kobayashi,6 Norio Ishigaki,6 Koichi Nakamura,6 and Hiroyuki Kato6 1Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu ... Matsuda,3 Tamotsu Tsukahara,4 Yuki Usui,5 Nobuyo Narita,6 Kazuo Hara,6 Kaoru Aoki,6 Masayuki Shimizu,6 Nobuhide Ogihara,6 Seiji Takanashi,6 Masanori Okamoto,6 Shinsuke Kobayashi,6 Norio Ishigaki,6 Koichi

Biliary cystic tumors with bile duct communication: a cystic variant of intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct

Pathology, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine, Kanazawa, JapanYoh Zen, Takahiko Fujii, Keita Itatsu, Koichi Nakamura & Yasuni NakanumaDivision of Pathology, Kanazawa University Hospital, Kanazawa ... journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Koichi Nakamura in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Fumio Konishi in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search

Radiative Corrections to Leptonic Decays of Hadrons

Koichi NAKAMURA 0 0 DejHzrtment of Physic,;, Uni'versity of To/::yo , Tol::yo Conditions on the finiteness of the radiative corrections to all the leptonic decays of hadrons have been investigated

On the Stability of Spontaneous Breakdown Solutions

A criterion to discriminate a meaningful solution from others in the spontaneous breakdown theory is discussed from the standpoint of the stability of mass equations against small perturbations. It is applied to some simple models.

Regge Trajectories in the Wick-Cutkosky Model

Regge trajectories n(η2) in the Wick-Cutkosky model (η2=¼ of the center-of-mass energy squared) are obtained by numerical computations as supplemented by some analytical observations. Careful numerical analysis revealed that the trajectories undergo repulsive collisions besides the attractive ones that had been discovered by Gatto and Menotti. Formulae are obtained by analytical...

Inversion Problem in the Model Field Theory

Koichi NAKAMURA 0 Taizo MUTA 0 Hiroshi EZAWA 0 0 Depm-tment Df Physics, University of Tokyo , Tokyo Inversion Problem m the Model Field Theory It is widely recognized that the knowledge of the off