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Control of fibrinolytic drug injection via real-time ultrasonic monitoring of blood coagulation

the same day. (TIFF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Konstantin G. Guria, Georgy Th. Guria. Data curation: Dmitry A. Ivlev, Shakhla N. Shirinli, Svetlana G. Uzlova. Formal analysis: Dmitry A ... . Ivlev, Shakhla N. Shirinli, Konstantin G. Guria, Svetlana G. Uzlova, Georgy Th. Guria. Funding acquisition: Georgy Th. Guria. Investigation: Dmitry A. Ivlev, Shakhla N. Shirinli, Konstantin G. Guria

Acoustic determination of early stages of intravascular blood coagulation

The blood coagulation system (BCS) is a complex biological system playing a principal role in the maintenance of haemostasis. Insufficient activity of the BCS may lead to bleeding and blood loss (e.g. in the case of haemophilia). On the other hand, excessive activity may cause intravascular blood coagulation, thromboses and embolization. Most of the methods currently used for BCS...