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Correction to: Null boundary terms for Lanczos–Lovelock gravity

Gravitation (2019) 51:23 The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The affiliation of the author Krishnamohan Parattu was incomplete

Variational principle for gravity with null and non-null boundaries: a unified boundary counter-term

It is common knowledge that the Einstein–Hilbert action does not furnish a well-posed variational principle. The usual solution to this problem is to add an extra boundary term to the action, called a counter-term, so that the variational principle becomes well-posed. When the boundary is spacelike or timelike, the Gibbons–Hawking–York counter-term is the most widely used. For...

Gravitational field equations near an arbitrary null surface expressed as a thermodynamic identity

Abstract Previous work has demonstrated that the gravitational field equations in all Lanczos-Lovelock models imply a thermodynamic identity T δλ S = δλ E + P δλ V (where the variations are interpreted as changes due to virtual displacement along the affine parameter λ) in the near-horizon limit in static spacetimes. Here we generalize this result to any arbitrary null surface in...