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Dignity and Discrimination in Sexual Harassment Law: A French Case Study

In 2012, France adopted new prohibitions on sexual harassment into its Labor and Penal Codes. That enactment, which significantly broadened the definition of actionable harassment, was based on a model of harassment law that defines sexual harassment as a form of discrimination, while the French have traditionally conceived of sexual harassment as a form of sexual violence. Cases...

Divorcing Sexual Harassment from Sex: Lessons from the French

expressly prohibited, nor is it considered to be a form of sex discrimination under Title VII, and is prohibited in only a minority, though a growing number, of states. See L. CAMILLE HÉBERT, EMPLOYEE PRIVACY ... ). 5. See L. Camille Hébert, Sexual Harassment as Discrimination “Because of . . . Sex”: Have We Come Full Circle?, 27 OHIO N.U. L. REV 439, 457-80 (2001) (reviewing cases in which lower courts applied