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Validation of the French version of the LEIPAD in community-dwelling people aged 80 years and above

. Investigation: Fabien Rondepierre. Methodology: Isabelle Jalenques, Candy Guiguet-Auclair. Project administration: Isabelle Jalenques. Supervision: Isabelle Jalenques, Laurent Gerbaud. Visualization: Fabien ... Rondepierre. Writing ? original draft: Isabelle Jalenques, Fabien Rondepierre. Writing ? review & editing: Candy Guiguet-Auclair, Laurent Gerbaud, Chloe? Rachez. 13 / 16 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. US Census Bureau

Systematic review of quality of life measures in patients with endometriosis

Douridas. Writing ? review & editing: Nicolas Bourdel, Arnaud Fauconnier, Laurent Gerbaud, Michel Canis. 20 / 32 21 / 32 22 / 32 23 / 32 24 / 32 25 / 32 26 / 32 27 / 32 138. Pontis A. Management of bladder

Appropriateness of elective caesarean deliveries in a perinatal network: a cross-sectional study

Background The overall caesarean rate in France has increased from 14.3% in 1994–1996 to 21.0% in 2010. This increased rate is a concern in all developed countries: delivery by caesarean induces both short- and long-term maternal complications, and its use requires careful reflection. The principal objective of this work was to describe the global appropriateness of indications...

Perception of Antiretroviral Generic Medicines: One-Day Survey of HIV-Infected Patients and Their Physicians in France

Background In the interest of cost effectiveness, switching antiretroviral brand name medications to generics is recommended in France since 2013. The study objective was to evaluate the perception of generics per se and antiretroviral generics in HIV-infected patients and their hospital physicians Methods and Findings 556 out of 703 (79%) adult HIV+ outpatients and 116...

Relationship between inpatient satisfaction and nurse absenteeism: an exploratory study using WHO-PATH performance indicators in France

Paillé 0 Sophie Tricaud-Vialle Laurent Gerbaud Alexandra Giraud-Roufast Philippe Michel Pierre Lombrail 0 0 Public Health Department-PIMESP, University Hospital of Nantes, Hospital Saint-Jacques 85 , rue

Ectopic pregnancy is again on the increase. Recent trends in the incidence of ectopic pregnancies in France (1992–2002)

BACKGROUND: We aimed to assess the recent incidence trends of ectopic pregnancies (EP) in France (1992–2002). METHODS: A population-based register of all women aged 15–44 years with EP was set up in Auvergne (central France). We calculated rates of EP as a ‘reproductive failure’ or as a ‘contraceptive failure’, frequencies of exposure to the two main risk factors for EP...

Risk Factors for Ectopic Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Analysis Based on a Large Case-Control, Population-based Study in France

This case-control study was associated with a regional register of ectopic pregnancy between 1993 and 2000 in France. It included 803 cases of ectopic pregnancy and 1,683 deliveries and was powerful enough to investigate all ectopic pregnancy risk factors. The main risk factors were infectious history (adjusted attributable risk = 0.33; adjusted odds ratio for previous pelvic...