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Common knowledge promotes risk pooling in an experimental economic game

retain responsibility for any errors or shortcomings. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lee Cronk, Athena Aktipis, Barry Sopher. Data curation: Steven Gazzillo. Formal analysis: Lee Cronk ... . Funding acquisition: Lee Cronk, Athena Aktipis, Dave White. Investigation: Steven Gazzillo, Barry Sopher. Methodology: Lee Cronk, Athena Aktipis, Steven Gazzillo, Dave White, Amber Wutich, Barry Sopher

Cooperation in an Uncertain World: For the Maasai of East Africa, Need-Based Transfers Outperform Account-Keeping in Volatile Environments

Using an agent-based model to study risk-pooling in herder dyads using rules derived from Maasai osotua (“umbilical cord”) relationships, Aktipis et al. (2011) found that osotua transfers led to more risk-pooling and better herd survival than both no transfers and transfers that occurred at frequencies tied to those seen in the osotua simulations. Here we expand this approach by...

Lactase Persistence and Lipid Pathway Selection in the Maasai

The Maasai are a pastoral people in Kenya and Tanzania, whose traditional diet of milk, blood and meat is rich in lactose, fat and cholesterol. In spite of this, they have low levels of blood cholesterol, and seldom suffer from gallstones or cardiac diseases. Field studies in the 1970s suggested that the Maasai have a genetic adaptation for cholesterol homeostasis. Analysis of...