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Disrupted circadian clocks and altered tissue mechanics in primary human breast tumours

Circadian rhythms maintain tissue homeostasis during the 24-h day-night cycle. Cell-autonomous circadian clocks play fundamental roles in cell division, DNA damage responses and metabolism. Circadian disruptions have been proposed as a contributing factor for cancer initiation and progression, although definitive evidence for altered molecular circadian clocks in cancer is still...

Increasing prevalence, molecular characterization and antifungal drug susceptibility of serial Candida auris isolates in Kuwait

Omar Al-Musallam for technical assistance. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ziauddin Khan, Suhail Ahmad, Noura Al-Sweih. Data curation: Suhail Ahmad, Leena Joseph, Wadha Alfouzan, Mohammad ... Asadzadeh. Formal analysis: Ziauddin Khan, Suhail Ahmad, Leena Joseph, Mohammad Asadzadeh. Funding acquisition: Ziauddin Khan. Investigation: Suhail Ahmad, Leena Joseph. Project administration: Ziauddin

Whole Transcriptome Analysis of Pre-invasive and Invasive Early Squamous Lung Carcinoma in Archival Laser Microdissected Samples

Leena Joseph 1 Keith Kerr 6 John Gosney 5 Mark A. Lindsay 4 Richard Booton 0 0 Manchester Thoracic Oncology Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester , Manchester, England M23 9LT , UK 1 Department

Isolation of cholesterol-dependent, multidrug-resistant Candida glabrata strains from blood cultures of a candidemia patient in Kuwait

Joseph 0 Khaled Al-Obaid 1 0 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University , P. O. Box 24923, Safat 13110 , Kuwait 1 Microbiology Unit, Al-Amiri Hospital , Safat , Kuwait Background

Candida dubliniensis: An Appraisal of Its Clinical Significance as a Bloodstream Pathogen

A nine-year prospective study (2002–2010) on the prevalence of Candida dubliniensis among Candida bloodstream isolates is presented. The germ tube positive isolates were provisionally identified as C. dubliniensis by presence of fringed and rough colonies on sunflower seed agar. Subsequently, their identity was confirmed by Vitek2 Yeast identification system and/or by...

Increased peri-ductal collagen micro-organization may contribute to raised mammographic density

Background High mammographic density is a therapeutically modifiable risk factor for breast cancer. Although mammographic density is correlated with the relative abundance of collagen-rich fibroglandular tissue, the causative mechanisms, associated structural remodelling and mechanical consequences remain poorly defined. In this study we have developed a new collaborative bedside...

Isolation of Lodderomyces elongisporus from the Catheter Tip of a Fungemia Patient in the Middle East

Lodderomyces elongisporus is phenotypically closely related to Candida parapsilosis and has recently been identified as an infrequent cause of bloodstream infections in patients from Asia and Mexico. We report here the isolation of Lodderomyces elongisporus from the catheter of a suspected case of fungemia. The identity of the isolate was confirmed by phenotypic characteristics...

Med1 plays a critical role in the development of tamoxifen resistance

Arumugam Nagalingam Mourad Tighiouart Lisa Ryden Leena Joseph Goran Landberg Neeraj K.Saxena Dipali Sharma To whom correspondence should be addressed. Tel: Fax: Email: dsharma

Multidrug resistant tuberculosis co-existing with aspergilloma and invasive aspergillosis in a 50 year old diabetic woman: a case report

Aspergilloma and invasive aspergillosis coexisting with multidrug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in the same patient is a rare entity. We report a 50 year old South Indian woman, a diabetic, who presented to us with complaints of productive cough and hemoptysis for the past 2 months. She was diagnosed to have pulmonary tuberculosis 2 years ago for which she took...

Tracking Genomic Cancer Evolution for Precision Medicine: The Lung TRACERx Study

Brady Keith Buchan Arrigo Capitano Mahendran Chetty Mark Cobbold Philip Crosbie Helen Davies Alan Denison Madhav Djearman Jacki Goldman Tom Haswell Leena Joseph Malgorzata Kornaszewska Matthew Krebs