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Confining D-instanton background in an external electric field

Using holography, we discuss the effects of an external static electric field on the D3/D-instanton theory at zero-temperature, which is a quasi-confining theory, with confined quarks and deconfined gluons. We introduce the quarks to the theory by embedding a probe D7-brane in the gravity side, and turn on an appropriate U(1) gauge field on the flavor brane to describe the...

Modified gravity one-loop partition function

The one-loop partition function of the \(f(R,R_{\mu \nu }R^{\mu \nu })\) gravity theory is obtained around \(\hbox {AdS}_4\) background. After a suitable choice of the gauge condition and computation of the ghost determinant, we obtain the one-loop partition function of the theory. The traced heat kernel over the thermal quotient of the \(\hbox {AdS}_4\) space is also computed...