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A proposed correction in the weighted method to score the Ishihara test

Ishihara test is a color vision test, whose results consider that all plates of the test have the same weighting. Rodriguez-Carmona et al. (Aviat Space Environ Med 83:19–29, 2012) proposed an equation to quantify the Ishihara test results (severity index), which took an account the rate of hits from the different plates of the test considering the performance of trichromat or...

Influence of Spatial and Chromatic Noise on Luminance Discrimination

Pseudoisochromatic figures are designed to base discrimination of a chromatic target from a background solely on the chromatic differences. This is accomplished by the introduction of luminance and spatial noise thereby eliminating these two dimensions as cues. The inverse rationale could also be applied to luminance discrimination, if spatial and chromatic noise are used to mask...