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Genetic and Molecular Basis of Feather Diversity in Birds

Feather diversity is striking in many aspects. Although the development of feather has been studied for decades, genetic and genomic studies of feather diversity have begun only recently. Many questions remain to be answered by multidisciplinary approaches. In this review, we discuss three levels of feather diversity: Feather morphotypes, intraspecific variations, and...

Wound infections secondary to snakebite in central Taiwan

There are very few microbiological data on wound infections following snakebites. The objective of this study was to investigate the treatment of secondary infection following snakebites in central Taiwan. Microbiological data and antibiotic sensitivity of wound cultures were retrospectively analyzed from December 2005 to October 2007 in a medical center in central Taiwan. A...

Lasting connectivity increase and anxiety reduction via transcranial alternating current stimulation

Growing evidence of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) modulating intrinsic neural oscillations has spawned interest in applying tACS to treat psychiatric disorders associated with aberrant neural oscillations. The alpha rhythmic activity is known to dominate neural oscillations at the awake, restful state, while attenuated resting-state alpha activity has been...

dbAMP: an integrated resource for exploring antimicrobial peptides with functional activities and physicochemical properties on transcriptome and proteome data

Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), naturally encoded from genes and generally contained 10–100 amino acids, are crucial components of the innate immune system and can protect the host from various pathogenic bacteria, as well as viruses. In recent years, the widespread use of antibiotics has inspired the rapid growth of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms that usually induce critical...

Effects of four weeks intermittent hypoxia intervention on glucose homeostasis, insulin sensitivity, GLUT4 translocation, insulin receptor phosphorylation, and Akt activity in skeletal muscle of obese mice with type 2 diabetes

at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport in October of 2014. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yun Wang, Li Wen, Shi Zhou. Data curation: Yun Wang. Formal analysis: Yun ... Wang, Shi Zhou. 17 / 22 Funding acquisition: Li Wen, Shi Zhou. Investigation: Yun Wang, Li Wen, Xin-Hao Wang, You-Yu He. Methodology: Yun Wang, Li Wen. Project administration: Yun Wang, Li Wen, Shi

Evaluating key factors affecting knowledge exchange in social media community

Today, social media opens up multiple options to add a new channel to learn and obtain knowledge. In particular, social media allows users to learn formal and informal social settings. Users can find like-minded people or community and organize knowledge exchange for educational or other purposes. This paper takes the theory of social network and social capital as the core...

Integrating an effective obesity prevention program into existing home visiting services: The Healthy Beginnings Program

Background/Aim: The establishment of effective and sustainable programs to promote healthy weight gain in the first years of life is a public health priority given the elevated rates of childhood overweight and obesity worldwide. Healthy Beginnings (HB) was a world-first randomised control trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of an intensive (eight sessions), home-based early...

Toll-like receptor 9 negatively regulates pancreatic islet beta cell growth and function in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes

and Jian Peng contributed equally to this study. F. Susan Wong and Li Wen are joint corresponding authors. Open image in new window Introduction The innate immune system generates early

Smoking Cessation and Risk of Esophageal Cancer by Histological Type: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Tobacco smoking strongly increases risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and moderately increases risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma. How smoking cessation influences esophageal cancer risk across histological subtypes, time latencies, and geographic regions is not clear.

Productivity benefits of warming at regional scale could be offset by detrimental impacts on site level hydrology

Climate change affects the distribution and persistence of wildlife. Broad scale studies have demonstrated that climate change shifts the geographic ranges and phenology of species. These findings are influential for making high level strategies but not practical enough to guide site specific management. In this study, we explored the environment factors affecting the population...

Bonded to the State: A Network Perspective on China's Corporate Debt Market

2016, provided outstanding research assistance 1 Li-Wen Lin, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia Peter A. Allard School of Law. She holds a PhD in sociology from Columbia University

Population pharmacokinetics and dosing optimization of cefathiamidine in children with hematologic infection

Population pharmacokinetics and dosing optimization of cefathiamidine in children with hematologic infection Li-Juan Zhi,1,2,* Li Wang,2,3,* Xing-Kai Chen,4 Xiao-Ying Zhai,3 Li Wen,3 Lei Dong,1,2 ... b / m o c . s s e r p e v o .dw l.y from rsoe PowerdbyTCPDF( Xing-Kai chen 4 li Wen 3 evelyne Jacqz-aigrain 5,6 *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: Cefathiamidine, a

A QSAR Study Based on SVM for the Compound of Hydroxyl Benzoic Esters

; Published 3 July 2017 Academic Editor: Konstantinos Tsipis Copyright © 2017 Li Wen et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

RNA-Seq analysis and comparison of corneal epithelium in keratoconus and myopia patients

Keratoconus is a common degenerative corneal disease that can lead to significant visual morbidity, and both genetic and environmental factors have been implicated in its pathogenesis. We compared the transcriptome of keratoconus and control epithelium using RNA-Seq. Epithelial tissues were obtained prior to surgery from keratoconus and myopia control patients, undergoing...

Contrasting Patterns of Genomic Diversity Reveal Accelerated Genetic Drift but Reduced Directional Selection on X-Chromosome in Wild and Domestic Sheep Species

Analyses of genomic diversity along the X chromosome and of its correlation with autosomal diversity can facilitate understanding of evolutionary forces in shaping sex-linked genomic architecture. Strong selective sweeps and accelerated genetic drift on the X-chromosome have been inferred in primates and other model species, but no such insight has yet been gained in domestic...