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Study on a storage location strategy based on clustering and association algorithms

In this paper, we study the improvement of a storage location strategy through the use of big data technology, including data collection, cluster analysis and association analysis, to improve order picking efficiency. A clustering algorithm is used to categorize the types of goods in orders. Classification is performed based on the turnover of goods, value, sales volume...

Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. GFP-2, a novel Bacillus strain with antimicrobial activities, from Whitespotted bamboo shark intestine

The abuse of antibiotics and following rapidly increasing of antibiotic-resistant pathogens is the serious threat to our society. Natural products from microorganism are regarded as the important substitution antimicrobial agents of antibiotics. We isolated a new strain, Bacillus sp. GFP-2, from the Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Whitespotted bamboo shark) intestine, which showed great...

Progress in high-speed train technology around the world

This is a review of high-speed train development in the sense of technology advances all over the world. Three generations of high-speed trains are classified according to their technical characteristics and maximum operating speed. Emphasis is given to the newly developed high-speed train in China, CRH380. The theoretical foundations and future development of CRH380 are briefly...

Wind tunnel test for vortex-induced vibration of vehicle-bridge system section model

Vortex-induced vibration of bridges happens at a relatively low wind speed and while vehicles often run on a bridge at that wind speed. Thus, it is necessary to study how the vehicles influence vortex-induced vibration of vehicle-bridge systems. Based on the project of Shanghai Bridge over Yangtse River, the wind tunnel test for vortex-induced vibrations of vehicle-bridge system...

Erratum to: Mechanical ion gate for electrospray-ionization ion-mobility spectrometry

the design of the ion mobility spectrometer. The correct sequence of authors of this contribution is: Li Zhou , David C. Collins, Edgar D. Lee, Alan L. Rockwood and Milton L. Lee 2 ) Department of