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Effect of ZFN-edited myostatin loss-of-function mutation on gut microbiota in Meishan pigs

engineered pigs. WT: Fecal samples collected from wild type pigs. Author Contributions Data curation: Wen-Tao Cui, Gao-Jun Xiao, Biao Li. Formal analysis: Gao-Jun Xiao, Li-Li Qian. Funding acquisition: Kui ... Li. Methodology: Sheng-Wang Jiang, Li-Li Qian, Chun-Bo Cai. Project administration: Wen-Tao Cui, Shan-Shan Xie, Ting Gao. Resources: Kui Li. Writing ? original draft: Wen-Tao Cui, Gao-Jun Xiao

A 90-Day Feeding Study in Rats to Assess the Safety of Genetically Engineered Pork

Our laboratory recently produced genetically engineered (GE) Meishan pigs containing a ZFN-edited myostatin loss-of-function mutant. These GE pigs develop and grow as normal as wild type pigs but produce pork with greater lean yield and lower fat mass. To assess any potential subchronic toxicity risks of this GE pork, a 90-day feeding study was conducted in Sprague-Dawley rats...