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Testing and comparing two self-care-related instruments among older Chinese adults

to the specific situation. Acknowledgments We express our gratitude to all the participants. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lina Guo, Xianfei Ding, Yanjin Liu. Data curation: Lina Guo ... , Xianfei Ding, Yanjin Liu. Formal analysis: Lina Guo, Xianfei Ding, Yanjin Liu. Investigation: Lina Guo, Han Gao, Qiyun Guo. Methodology: Lina Guo. Project administration: Lina Guo, Kun Liu, Yanjin Liu

A Simple Repairable System with Warning Device

 Chung Copyright © 2015 Xiao Zhang and Lina Guo. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction

Characterization of the Intestinal Absorption of Seven Flavonoids from the Flowers of Trollius chinensis Using the Caco-2 Cell Monolayer Model

The human Caco-2 cell monolayer model was used to investigate the absorption property, mechanism, and structure-property relationship of seven representative flavonoids, namely, orientin, vitexin, 2”-O-β-L-galactopyranosylorientin, 2”-O-β-L-galactopyranosylvitexin, isoswertisin, isoswertiajaponin, and 2”-O-(2”‘-methylbutanoyl)isoswertisin from the flowers of Trollius chinensis...

Stability Analysis of a Repairable System with Warning Device and Repairman Vacation

This paper considers a simple repairable system with a warning device and a repairman who can have delayed-multiple vacations. By Markov renewal process theory and the probability analysis method, the system is first transformed into a group of integrodifferential equations. Then, the existence and uniqueness as well as regularity of the system dynamic solution are discussed with...

The cholesterol-lowering effects of oat varieties based on their difference in the composition of proteins and lipids

Background The aim of present study is to investigate the hypocholesterolemic effects of the oat components other than the β-glucan in rats fed with a hypercholesterolemic diet. Methods Four-week-old male Wister rats were divided into 6 groups of 7 rats each with similar mean body weights and serum cholesterol concentrations. Rats were fed with the experimental diets containing...

Primary synovial sarcoma of the right heart involving the tricuspid valve in an elderly Chinese woman: a case report

Described herein is a 51-year-old woman with abdominal discomfort who was found to have a pericardial effusion and a large mass in her right heart by computed tomography scan and who then underwent tumour resection surgery. The tumour was so extensive that it involved the right atrium, the right ventricle and the tricuspid valve, and encompassed the right coronary artery. The...

Nonextensivity and the q-distribution of a relativistic gas under an external electromagnetic field

We investigate the nonextensivity and the q-distribution of a relativistic gas under an external electromagnetic field. We derive an expression for the nonextensive parameter q based on the relativistic generalized Boltzmann equation, the relativistic q-H theorem and the relativistic version of the q-power-law distribution function in the nonextensive q-kinetic theory. We thus...

Case: Northern Territory v. Collins

By Lina Guo and Ryan Rivard, Published on 01/01/09 ... ” within the meaning of 117(1), that “supply” could not constitute contributory infringement by the Territory since the timber was a “staple commercial product.” Written by: Lina Guo and Ryan Rivard, Chicago

Cytokine and Antibody Based Diagnostic Algorithms for Sputum Culture-Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Background Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most serious infectious diseases globally and has high mortality rates. A variety of diagnostic tests are available, yet none are wholly reliable. Serum cytokines, although significantly and frequently induced by different diseases and thus good biomarkers for disease diagnosis and prognosis, are not sufficiently disease-specific. TB...