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Plasticity of DNA methylation in mouse T cell activation and differentiation

Background Circulating CD4+ T helper cells are activated through interactions with antigen presenting cells and undergo differentiation into specific T helper cell subsets depending on the type of antigen encountered. In addition, the relative composition of the circulating CD4+ T cell population changes as animals mature with an increased percentage of the population being...

The transcription repressor, ZEB1, cooperates with CtBP2 and HDAC1 to suppress IL-2 gene activation in T cells

Activation of T cells leads to the induction of many cytokine genes that are required for appropriate immune responses, including IL-2, a key cytokine for T cell proliferation and homeostasis. The activating transcription factors such as nuclear factor of activated T cells, nuclear factor κB/Rel and activated protein-1 family members that regulate inducible IL-2 gene expression...

Defining the chromatin signature of inducible genes in T cells

Background Specific chromatin characteristics, especially the modification status of the core histone proteins, are associated with active and inactive genes. There is growing evidence that genes that respond to environmental or developmental signals may possess distinct chromatin marks. Using a T cell model and both genome-wide and gene-focused approaches, we examined the...