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Elevated serum Il-6 and adiponectin levels are associated with frailty and physical function in Chinese older adults

Elevated serum Il-6 and adiponectin levels are associated with frailty and physical function in Chinese older adults Lina Ma, Guiming Sha, Yaxin Zhang, Yun Li Department of Geriatrics, Xuanwu

Polyacrylamide-Phytic Acid-Polydopamine Conducting Porous Hydrogel for Efficient Removal of Water-Soluble Dyes

, Changchun, 130022, P. R. ChinaZhen Zhao, Girma Selale Geleta, Lina Ma & Zhenxin WangUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, P. R. ChinaZhen Zhao & Girma Selale GeletaState Key Laboratory ... for Lina Ma in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zhenxin Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions Z.Z. designed the study, performed the

Fungal communities in ancient peatlands developed from different periods in the Sanjiang Plain, China

Contributions Conceptualization: Chunjie Tian. Data curation: Xue Zhou. Formal analysis: Lei Tian, Jianfeng Zhang. Funding acquisition: Chunjie Tian. Investigation: Zhenqing Zhang, Lina Ma. Methodology

Rituximab as a monotherapy or in combination therapy for the treatment of non-paraneoplastic autoimmune retinopathy

Rituximab as a monotherapy or in combination therapy for the treatment of non-paraneoplastic autoimmune retinopathy Arash Maleki,1,2 Neerav Lamba,1,2 Lina Ma,1,2 Stacey Lee,1,2 Alexander Schmidt,1,2

A review and update on orphan drugs for the treatment of noninfectious uveitis

A review and update on orphan drugs for the treatment of noninfectious uveitis Caiyun You,1–3 Haitham F Sahawneh,1,2 Lina Ma,1,2 Buraa Kubaisi,1,2 Alexander Schmidt,1,2 C Stephen Foster1,2,4

What Signatures Dominantly Associate with Gene Age?

As genes originate at different evolutionary times, they harbor distinctive genomic signatures of evolutionary ages. Although previous studies have investigated different gene age-related signatures, what signatures dominantly associate with gene age remains unresolved. Here we address this question via a combined approach of comprehensive assignment of gene ages, gene family...

Study of Rayleigh-backscattering induced coherence collapse in an asymmetric DFB FL sensor

Citation: Wen LIU, Lina MA, Zhengliang HU, Ying FENG, and Huayong YANG, “Study of Rayleigh-Backscattering Induced Coherence Collapse in an Asymmetric DFB FL Sensor,” Photonic Sensors Study of

Characterization of Chinese Haemophilus parasuis Isolates by Traditional Serotyping and Molecular Serotyping Methods

Haemophilus parasuis is classified mainly through serotyping, but traditional serotyping always yields non-typable (NT) strains and unreliable results via cross-reactions. Here, we surveyed the serotype prevalence of Chinese H. parasuis isolates using traditional serotyping (gel immuno-diffusion test, GID) and molecular serotyping (multiplex PCR, mPCR). We also investigated why...

Study on Post-Treatment Relapse in HBeAg Positive CHB Patients

Background Many factors are associated with post-treatment relapse in CHB patients, and there are no effective factors to predict relapse. In this study, we investigate the influence factors associated with post-treatment relapse and their predictive value in HBeAg positive CHB (eP-CHB). Methods The factors associated with post-treatment relapse were analyzed firstly by a...

Translational selection in human: more pronounced in housekeeping genes

Background Translational selection is a ubiquitous and significant mechanism to regulate protein expression in prokaryotes and unicellular eukaryotes. Recent evidence has shown that translational selection is weakly operative in highly expressed genes in human and other vertebrates. However, it remains unclear whether translational selection acts differentially on human genes...

Quality of Life Is Related to Social Support in Elderly Osteoporosis Patients in a Chinese Population

Objective To explore the association between quality of life and social support in elderly osteoporosis patients in a Chinese population. Methods A total of 214 elderly patients who underwent bone mineral density screening were divided into two groups: elderly patients with primary osteoporosis (case group, n = 112) and normal elderly patients (control group, n = 102). Quality of...

Epidemiological Characteristics of Hypertension in the Elderly in Beijing, China

Background/Objectives The prevalence rate of hypertension increases significantly with the aging society, and hypertension is obviously becoming a major health care concern in China. The aim of the study was to explore the epidemiological characteristics of hypertension in the elderly and to provide a basis for the prevention of hypertension. Design 3-cross sectional studies in...

Global Analysis of a Model of Viral Infection with Latent Stage and Two Types of Target Cells

By introducing the probability function describing latency of infected cells, we unify some models of viral infection with latent stage. For the case that the probability function is a step function, which implies that the latency period of the infected cells is constant, the corresponding model is a delay differential system. The model with delay of latency and two types of...

Plasma Biomarker of Dietary Phytosterol Intake

Background Dietary phytosterols, plant sterols structurally similar to cholesterol, reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption and have many other potentially beneficial biological effects in humans. Due to limited information on phytosterol levels in foods, however, it is difficult to quantify habitual dietary phytosterol intake (DPI). Therefore, we sought to identify a plasma...

Contamination of Phthalate Esters (PAEs) in Typical Wastewater-Irrigated Agricultural Soils in Hebei, North China

The Wangyang River (WYR) basin is a typical wastewater irrigation area in Hebei Province, North China. This study investigated the concentration and distribution of six priority phthalate esters (PAEs) in the agricultural soils in this area. Thirty-nine soil samples (0–20 cm) were collected along the WYR to assess the PAE residues in soils. Results showed that PAEs are ubiquitous...

LncRNAWiki: harnessing community knowledge in collaborative curation of human long non-coding RNAs

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) perform a diversity of functions in numerous important biological processes and are implicated in many human diseases. In this report we present lncRNAWiki (, a wiki-based platform that is open-content and publicly editable and aimed at community-based curation and collection of information on human lncRNAs. Current related...

Dilatory is a Drosophila protein related to AZI1 (CEP131) that is located at the ciliary base and required for cilium formation

Lina Ma 0 Andrew P. Jarman () 0 0 Centre for Integrative Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh , George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9XD , UK Summary A significant number of

Ginkgolide B Reduces LOX-1 Expression by Inhibiting Akt Phosphorylation and Increasing Sirt1 Expression in Oxidized LDL-Stimulated Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL) is an important risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis. LOX-1, a lectin-like receptor for ox-LDL, is present primarily on endothelial cells and upregulated by ox-LDL, tumor necrosis factor a, shear stress, and cytokines in atherosclerosis. Recent studies demonstrated that ginkgolide B, a platelet-activating factor receptor...

A Role for the Budding Yeast Separase, Esp1, in Ty1 Element Retrotransposition

Separase/Esp1 is a protease required at the onset of anaphase to cleave cohesin and thereby enable sister chromatid separation. Esp1 also promotes release of the Cdc14 phosphatase from the nucleolus to enable mitotic exit. To uncover other potential roles for separase, we performed two complementary genome-wide genetic interaction screens with a strain carrying the budding yeast...

Molecular logic computing model based on DNA self-assembly strand branch migration

In this study, the DNA logic computing model is established based on the methods of DNA self-assembly and strand branch migration. By adding the signal strands, the preprogrammed signals are released with the disintegrating of initial assembly structures. Then, the computing results are able to be detected by gel electrophoresis. The whole process is controlled automatically and...