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Dicer interacts with SIRT7 and regulates H3K18 deacetylation in response to DNA damaging agents

Dicer participates in heterochromatin formation in fission yeast and plants. However, whether it has a similar role in mammals remains controversial. Here we showed that the human Dicer protein interacts with SIRT7, an NAD+-dependent H3K18Ac (acetylated lysine 18 of histone H3) deacetylase, and holds a proportion of SIRT7 in the cytoplasm. Dicer knockdown led to an increase of...

‘RNA walk’ a novel approach to study RNA–RNA interactions between a small RNA and its target

In this study we describe a novel method to investigate the RNA–RNA interactions between a small RNA and its target that we termed ‘RNA walk’. The method is based on UV-induced AMT cross-linking in vivo followed by affinity selection of the hybrid molecules and mapping the intermolecular adducts by RT–PCR or real-time PCR. Domains carrying the cross-linked adducts fail to...

ESPRIT: estimating species richness using large collections of 16S rRNA pyrosequences

Recent metagenomics studies of environmental samples suggested that microbial communities are much more diverse than previously reported, and deep sequencing will significantly increase the estimate of total species diversity. Massively parallel pyrosequencing technology enables ultra-deep sequencing of complex microbial populations rapidly and inexpensively. However...