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Polar solutions with tensorial connection of the spinor equation

Dirac field equations are studied for spinor fields without any external interaction and when they are considered on a background having a tensorial connection with a specific non-vanishing structure some solution can be found in polar form displaying a square-integrable localized behaviour.

Covariant inertial forces for spinors

In this paper we consider the Dirac spinor field in interaction with a background of electrodynamics and torsion-gravity; by performing the polar reduction we acquire the possibility to introduce a new set of objects that have the geometrical status of non-vanishing tensors but which seem to contain the same information of the connection: thus they appear to be describing...

Correction to: Spinor Fields, Singular Structures, Charge Conjugation, ELKO and Neutrino Masses

affiliations Luca Fabbri Publisher Correction First Online: 12 July 2018 The original article can be found online at Download to read the full article

Non-existence of rest-frame spin-eigenstate spinors in their own electrodynamics

We assume a physical situation where gravity with torsion is neglected for an electrodynamically self-interacting spinor that will be taken in its rest-frame and spin-eigenstate: we demonstrate that under this circumstance no solution exists for the system of field equations. Despite such a situation might look artificial nevertheless it represents the instance that is commonly...

Torsion axial vector and Yvon-Takabayashi angle: zitterbewegung, chirality and all that

We consider propagating torsion as a completion of gravitation in order to describe the dynamics of curved-twisted space-times filled with Dirac spinorial fields; we discuss interesting relationships of the torsion axial vector and the curvature tensor with the Yvon-Takabayashi angle and the module of the spinor field, that is the two degrees of freedom of the spinor field itself...

Critical exact solutions for self-gravitating Dirac fields

We consider the Einstein–Dirac field equations describing a self-gravitating massive neutrino, looking for axially symmetric exact solutions; in the search of general solutions, we find some that are specific and which have critical features, such as the fact that the space-time curvature turns out to be flat and the spinor field gives rise to a vanishing bi-linear scalar...

Exact solutions for Weyl fermions with gravity

We consider the single-handed spinor field in interaction with its own gravitational field described by the set of field equations given by the Weyl field equations written in terms of derivatives that are covariant with respect to the gravitational connection plus Einstein field equations soured with the energy tensor of the spinor: for the Weyl spinor and the ensuing spacetime...