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Consumption of minimally processed foods as protective factors in the genesis of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck in Brazil

Bresciani Salaroli, Jose? Roberto Vasconcelos De Podesta?, Maria Paula Curado. Validation: Ol??via Perim Galv?o De Podesta?, Luciane Bresciani Salaroli. Writing ? original draft: Ol??via Perim Galv?o De ... Podesta?, Luciane Bresciani Salaroli, Monica Cattafesta. Writing ? review & editing: Ol??via Perim Galv?o De Podesta?, Stela Verzinhasse Peres, Luciane Bresciani Salaroli, Monica Cattafesta, Jose? Roberto

Autoavaliação do estado de saúde e fatores associados: um estudo em trabalhadores bancários

Autoevaluación del estado de salud y factores asociados: un estudio en empleados del banco Glenda Blaser Petarli 1   *  Luciane Bresciani Salaroli 1   Nazaré Souza Bissoli 1   Eliana Zandonade 1

Relación entre patrones de lactancia materna y tensión arterial en escolares brasileños y españoles

Introduction: the relationship between early feeding and blood pressure in later life is still uncertain and sometimes contradictory. Some studies point to the protective effect of breastfeeding on cardiovascular disease, while others do not obtain conclusive results. Objectives: the aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between breastfeeding patterns during the first...

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and related factors in bank employees according to different defining criteria, Vitória/ES, Brazil

OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and related factors in bank employees in the city of Vitória/ES, Brazil. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study that included 521 working men and women >20 years of age. Sociodemographic, lifestyle, anthropometric, biochemical, and hemodynamic characteristics were collected. Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed using the...

Gender distribution of serum uric acid and cardiovascular risk factors: population based study

BACKGROUND: There is no data concerning the epidemiology of hyperuricemia in Brazilian population-based studies. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the distribution of serum uric acid and its relationship with demographics and cardiovascular variables. MEHTODS: We studied 1,346 individuals. Hyperuricemia was defined as > 6.8 and > 5.4 mg/dL for men and women, respectively. Metabolic...