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The field and landscape of affordances: Koffka’s two environments revisited

2018. The work on this paper was supported by a European Research Council Starting Grant awarded to Erik Rietveld (ERC StG 679190, Affords-Higher). Ludger Van Dijk is supported by the Research Foundation ... . See Van Dijk and Rietveld (2018) for details. Notes Funding JK and ER are supported by the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant 679190 (awarded to Erik Rietveld). Ludger van Dijk is

Learning an EMG Controlled Game: Task-Specific Adaptations and Transfer

Video games that aim to improve myoelectric control (myogames) are gaining popularity and are often part of the rehabilitation process following an upper limb amputation. However, direct evidence for their effect on prosthetic skill is limited. This study aimed to determine whether and how myogaming improves EMG control and whether performance improvements transfer to a...