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Cage Active Contours for image warping and morphing

Cage Active Contours (CACs) have shown to be a framework for segmenting connected objects using a new class of parametric region-based active contours. The CAC approach deforms the contour locally by moving cage’s points through affine transformations. The method has shown good performance for image segmentation, but other applications have not been studied. In this paper, we...

A Collaborative Semantic Annotation System in Health: Towards a SOA Design for Knowledge Sharing in Ambient Intelligence

Garrido Software Engineering Department, E.T.S.I.I.T., University of Granada, C/Periodista Daniel Saucedo Aranda s/n, Granada, Spain Correspondence should be addressed to Gabriel Guerrero-Contreras

Self-adaptive deployment of services in mobile environments: a study of the communication reliability on the host election algorithm

Self-adaptive service deployment and replication are one of the possible approaches to address the changing computational conditions of mobile-based environments in order to ensure certain quality attributes of the system. The host election for the dynamic placement of service replicas is one of the main steps in the process to ensure the availability, reliability and performance...

Pigment composition in three Dinophysis species (Dinophyceae) and the associated cultures of Mesodinium rubrum and Teleaulax amphioxeia

Despite the discussion around the nature of plastids in Dinophysis, a comparison of pigment signatures in the three-culture system (Dinophysis, the ciliate Mesodinium rubrum and the cryptophyte Teleaulax amphioxeia) has never been reported. We observed similar pigment composition, but quantitative differences, in four Dinophysis species (D. acuminata, D. acuta, D. caudata and D...

Localized Mucosal Response to Intranasal Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine in Adults

Background. Influenza virus infection is a major public health burden worldwide. Available vaccines include the inactivated intramuscular trivalent vaccine and, more recently, an intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV). The measure of successful vaccination with the inactivated vaccine is a systemic rise in immunoglobulin G (IgG) level, but for the LAIV no such...