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By Anne M. Cohen, Published on 01/01/79 ... Anne M. Cohen 0 0 Thi s Comment is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Review & Student Publications at Digital Commons @ Western New England University School of Law. It has been

People v. Freeman - No End Runs on the Obscenity Field or You Can't Catch Me from Behind

By Philip M. Cohen, Published on 01/01/89 ... the laws are not applied so artfully. Philip M. Cohen 10. See Bronson , Obscenity: ProsecutorialTechniques, 21 U.C.L. A. L. REV . 181 ( 1973 ). 11. See People v. Fixler , 56 Cal. App. 3d 321 , 128 Cal

International Illegality as a Basis for Refusal to Participate In Hostilities - A Tentative Proposal and a Preliminary Analysis of American Law

By David M. Cohen, Published on 03/01/68 ... PARTICIPATE IN HOSTILITIES-A TENTATIVE PROPOSAL AND A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF AMERICAN LAW DAVID M. COHEN* INTRODUCTION "In the years preceding the Second World War the policies of the Western powers were

Change and Program Evaluation in Social Organization

" Th e Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare: Vol. 2 : Iss. Progra m Evaluation in Social Alan M. Cohen 0 0 Part of the Politics and Social Change Commons , Social Work Commons, and the Work Follow ... this and additional works at: Social; ScholarWorks at WMU; For more information; please contact - C Organization Alan M. Cohen Sociology Department University of

Change and Social Organization

e Journal of Sociology hange and Social Organization Alan M. Cohen 0 Recommended Citation 0 University of Western Ontario Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarworks; wmich; edu/jssw ... - C Organization Alan M. Cohen Sociology Department University of Western Ontario Organizations continually adapt to external organizational imperatives such as technology, population, knowledge

The Laws of Agency Lawyering

does not reference a “tribunal”? The Advocate 22. MODEL RULES OF PROF’L CONDUCT r. 3.9 cmt. 3. 23. See GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, SUSAN P. KONIAK, ROGER C. CRAMTON, GEORGE M. COHEN & W. BRADLEY WENDEL, THE LAW ... ” assert a “colorable defense” as applying an inappropriate advocacy standard to a lawyer in a counseling role). 26. See generally Roger C. Cramton, George M. Cohen & Susan P. Koniak, Legal and Ethical

Review: Teaching Graphic Novels: Practical Strategies for the Secondary ELA Classroom (2010)

) James M. Cohen 0 0 School of Communication, Hofstra University , Hempstead, NY , USA and graphics. ELA teachers have two major concerns Figure 2. Non-fiction Collaboration Stair-Step for high school in

Palmer Peterson, Master Formist

PHILIP M. COHEN Aliquippa Pennsylvania Editor 1 s Note: The following article ismy abridgement of one written as a National Puzzlers' League memorial to Palmer Pete rson, who died in June 1979 at

On The Inter(e)state

ON THE INTER(E)STATE PHILIP M. COHEN Aliquippa Pennsylvania Three Word Ways articles have been written by Dmitri Borgmann ( February and May 1977) and Pamela Brang (August 1977) to support the

Terminal Bigrams

TERMiNAL BI6RAMS PHILIP M. COHEN Aliquippa Pennsylvania In one respect my standards have loosened since 1975. I no longer feel that nouns like 1 BCG vaccine I, • DDT I or ' VD' should be considered

The 4-Set Problem

THE 4-SET PROBLEM PHIliP M. COHEN Aliquippa Pennsylvania 23751 different sets of four letters can be formed from the 26 letters of the alphabet, if order is ignored and repetition allowed. (This is

Book Reviews

PHILIP M. COHEN West Chester Pennsylvania - Recently two new word books showed up the same day in the new books at the library, both small-format hardbacks: Word Fugitives: In Pursuit a/Wanted

The Last Best Hope: Representing Death Row Inmates

By Esther F. Lardent and Douglas M. Cohen, Published on 11/01/89 ... administration of pro bono public programs. ** Douglas M. Cohen, a senior student at Duke University, plans to attend law school in the fall of 1990. Mr. Cohen served as an intern for the American Bar

Word Ways Challenges (Part 1)

WORD WAYS CHALLENGES (PART 1) PHILIP M. COHEN Aliquippa Pennsylvania A. ROSS ECKLER Morristown New Jersey ~ I Word Ways has presented a great many challenges, explicit and implicit, since 1968

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention packaged with malnutrition prevention in northern Nigeria: A pragmatic trial (SMAMP study) with nested case-control

Bhattacharya, Karen Milch Hariharan, Justin M. Cohen, Arnaud Le Menach. Data curation: Abigail Ward, Andrea Guillot, Justin C. Graves, Charles Opondo, Marko Kerac, Elizabeth Omoluabi, Arnaud Le Menach ... . Formal analysis: Abigail Ward, Charles Opondo, Marko Kerac, Arnaud Le Menach. Funding acquisition: Owens Wiwa, Justin M. Cohen, Arnaud Le Menach. 16 / 20 Investigation: Andrea Guillot, Justin C. Graves

The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Tulsi in Humans: A Systematic Review of the Literature

reduction of various health conditions and warrants further clinical evaluation. Conflicts of Interest Professor Marc M. Cohen receives remuneration as a consultant and advisor to Organic India Pty. Ltd ... , vol. 4 , no. 3 , 2015 . [42] M. M. Cohen , “ Tulsi-Ocimum sanctum: a herb for all reasons , ” Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine , vol. 5 , no. 4 , pp. 251 - 259 , 2014 . [43] A. A. Kamyab and

Rural versus urban pediatric non-accidental trauma: different patients, similar outcomes

ObjectiveOur aim was to compare urban and rural non-accidental trauma for trends and characterize where injury prevention efforts can be focused. Pediatric trauma patients (age 0–14 years) at two level I adult and pediatric trauma centers, one rural and one urban, were included and data from the trauma registries at each center was abstracted.ResultsOf 857 pediatric admissions...