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Precise predictions for \( t\overline{t}\gamma /t\overline{t} \) cross section ratios at the LHC

. J. C 76 (2016) 466 [arXiv:1603.08911] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [6] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, T. Weber and M. Worek, Hard Photons in Hadroproduction of Top Quarks with ... : For the evaluation of one-loop scalar functions, Comput. Phys. Commun. 182 (2011) 2427 [arXiv:1007.4716] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [21] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M

Attorney Discipline Systems: Improving Public Perception and Increasing Efficacy

preserve its effectiveness, the profession must dispel poor public perception with policies that truly protect the public as well as the integrity of the legal profession. JENNIFER M. KRAUS* 203. See

Hard photons in hadroproduction of top quarks with realistic final states

] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [30] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Off-shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD, JHEP 11 (2016) 098 [arXiv ... , M. Kraus and M. Worek, Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order, JHEP 06 (2015) 033 [arXiv:1502.00925] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [59] M. Jezabek and J.H. Kuhn, QCD

Top quark mass studies with $$ t\overline{t}j $$ at the LHC

, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Top Quark Pair Production in Association with a Jet with Next-to-Leading-Order QCD O -Shell E ects at the Large Hadron Collider, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016) 052003 [arXiv ... :1509.09242] [INSPIRE]. [29] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, O -shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD, JHEP 11 (2016) 098 [arXiv:1609.01659] [INSPIRE

Structured analysis, evaluation and report of the emergency response to a terrorist attack in Wuerzburg, Germany using a new template of standardised quality indicators

Until now there has been a reported lack of systematic reports and scientific evaluations of rescue missions during terror attacks. This however is urgently required in order to improve the performance of emergency medical services and to be able to compare different missions with each other. Aim of the presented work was to report the systematic evaluation and the lessons...


zusammengestellt zu haben, und wünschen Ihnen allen viel Vergnügen und Informationsgewinn bei der Lektüre. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Univ.-Prof. Dr. U. Stöckle PD Dr. T. M. Kraus, MBA Korrespondenzadresse

Big data and precision medicine: challenges and strategies with healthcare data

Recent snapshots of the European progress on big data in health care and precision medicine reveal diverse perceptions of experts and the public, leading to the impression that algorithmic issues have the largest share among the challenges all health systems are faced with. Yet, from a comparison of different countries it is evident that the adaption and integration of...

Off-shell top quarks with one jet at the LHC: a comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD

-quark pair-production with one jet and [35] M. Czakon, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Matching the Nagy-Soper parton [36] P. Nason, A new method for combining NLO QCD with shower Monte Carlo ... and B.R. Webber, Matching NLO QCD computations and parton shower [40] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Top Quark Pair Production in [41] A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit and S

Comparative gene-expression profiling of the large cell variant of gastrointestinal marginal-zone B-cell lymphoma

Gastrointestinal (g.i.) large cell lymphoma is currently regarded as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) despite a more favorable clinical outcome compared to other DLBCL. Cluster analyses on a transcriptome signature of NF-κB target genes of 30 g.i. marginal zone B-cell lymphomas (MZBL; 8 g.i. MZBL, 22 large cell MZBL - among them 9 with coexisting small cell component) and 6...

Carfilzomib resistance due to ABCB1/MDR1 overexpression is overcome by nelfinavir and lopinavir in multiple myeloma

Proteasome inhibitor (PI) carfilzomib (CFZ) has activity superior to bortezomib (BTZ) and is increasingly incorporated in multiple myeloma (MM) frontline therapy and relapsed settings. Most MM patients ultimately experience PI-refractory disease, an unmet medical need with poorly understood biology and dismal outcome. Pharmacologic targeting of ABCB1 improved patient outcomes...

TraqBio - Flexible Progress Tracking for Core Unit Projects

Motivation Core service units have become an organisational hallmark in many research institutions world wide. Such service cores provide complex state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to the research community. Typically, a user delivers material or raw data to a core. The core defines work packages for ensuing analysis and returns results back to the user. This core...

Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order

”. M. Worek and M. Kraus acknowledge support by the DFG under Grant No. WO 1900/1-1 (“Signals and Backgrounds Beyond Leading Order. Phenomenological studies for the LHC”). In addition, this research was

Direct and simultaneous observation of ultrafast electron and hole dynamics in germanium

, Berkeley, California 94720, USAMichael Zürch, Hung-Tzu Chang, Lauren J. Borja, Peter M. Kraus, Scott K. Cushing, Andrey Gandman, Christopher J. Kaplan, Myoung Hwan Oh, James S. Prell, Daniel M. Neumark ... Lauren J. Borja in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Peter M. Kraus in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Scott K. Cushing in:Nature Research journals

Establishing the need and identifying goals for a curriculum in medical business ethics: a survey of students and residents at two medical centers in Missouri

Background In recent years, issues in medical business ethics (MBE), such as conflicts of interest (COI), Medicare fraud and abuse, and the structure and functioning of reimbursement systems, have received significant attention from the media and professional associations in the United States. As a result of highly publicized instances of financial interests altering physician...

A pulsed, mono-energetic and angular-selective UV photo-electron source for the commissioning of the KATRIN experiment

. Pac . 125 ( 925 ), 306 ( 2013 ). doi:10.1086/670067 32. M. Kraus , Energy-scale systematics at the KATRIN main spectrometer . Ph.D. thesis, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie ( 2016 ) 33. J.P. Barrett

Inhomogeneous molecular ring around the B[e] supergiant LHA 120-S 73

Bonanos , A. Z. , Massa , D. L. , Sewilo , M. , et al. 2009 , AJ, 138 , 1003 Bonanos , A. Z. , Lennon , D. J. , Köhlinger , F. , et al. 2010 , AJ, 140 , 416 Borges Fernandes , M. , Kraus , M. , Lorenz ... ] Phenomenon, eds. M. Kraus, & A. S. Miroshnichenko , ASP Conf. Ser., 355 , 259 Rapson , V. A. , Kastner , J. H. , Millar-Blanchaer , M. A. , & Dong , R. 2015 , ApJ, 815 , L26 Saio , H. , Georgy , C. , & Meynet

Curricular priorities for business ethics in medical practice and research: recommendations from Delphi consensus panels

Background No published curricula in the area of medical business ethics exist. This is surprising given that physicians wrestle daily with business decisions and that professional associations, the Institute of Medicine, Health and Human Services, Congress, and industry have issued related guidelines over the past 5 years. To fill this gap, the authors aimed (1) to identify the...