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Thermal dark matter co-annihilating with a strongly interacting scalar

Harling and K. Petraki, Bound-state formation for thermal relic dark matter and unitarity, JCAP 12 (2014) 033 [arXiv:1407.7874] [INSPIRE]. [4] S. Kim and M. Laine, Rapid thermal co-annihilation through ... , Nuclear reaction rates in a plasma, Rev. Mod. Phys. 69 (1997) 411 [astro-ph/9610256] [INSPIRE]. [21] M. Laine, O. Philipsen, P. Romatschke and M. Tassler, Real-time static potential in hot QCD, JHEP 03

Soft thermal contributions to 3-loop gauge coupling

]. [3] K. Kajantie, M. Laine, K. Rummukainen and M.E. Shaposhnikov, Generic rules for high temperature dimensional reduction and their application to the Standard Model, Nucl. Phys. B 458 (1996) 90 [hep ... ] [INSPIRE]. [10] J. Ghiglieri and G.D. Moore, Low mass thermal dilepton production at NLO in a weakly coupled quark-gluon plasma, JHEP 12 (2014) 029 [arXiv:1410.4203] [INSPIRE]. [11] J. Ghiglieri and M. Laine

GeV-scale hot sterile neutrino oscillations: a numerical solution

] S. Antusch et al., Probing leptogenesis at future colliders, arXiv:1710.03744 [INSPIRE]. [19] J. Ghiglieri and M. Laine, GeV-scale hot sterile neutrino oscillations: a derivation of evolution ... :1202.1288] [INSPIRE]. [22] D. Bodeker and M. Laine, Kubo relations and radiative corrections for lepton number washout, JCAP 05 (2014) 041 [arXiv:1403.2755] [INSPIRE]. [23] I. Ghisoiu and M. Laine, Right

Re-derived overclosure bound for the inert doublet model

[arXiv:1508.07161] [INSPIRE]. (2017) 013 [arXiv:1609.00474] [INSPIRE]. [2] S. Kim and M. Laine, On thermal corrections to near-threshold annihilation, JCAP 01 (2006) 065007 [hep-ph/0605179] [INSPIRE]. QCD ... and M. Laine, Rapid thermal co-annihilation through bound states in QCD, JHEP 07 [10] V.S. Fadin, V.A. Khoze and T. Sjostrand, On the threshold behavior of heavy top production, [11] J. Hisano, S

GeV-scale hot sterile neutrino oscillations: a derivation of evolution equations

[arXiv:1503.04935] [INSPIRE]. 93 (2016) 025003 [arXiv:1508.07161] [INSPIRE]. washout, JCAP 05 (2014) 041 [arXiv:1403.2755] [INSPIRE]. [23] D. Bodeker and M. Laine, Kubo relations and radiative ... :1510.06742] [INSPIRE]. [24] L.S. Brown and R.F. Sawyer , Nuclear reaction rates in a plasma , Rev. Mod. Phys . 69 ( 1997 ) hierarchical limit , arXiv:1702 .02155 [INSPIRE]. [27] J. Ghiglieri and M. Laine

Case report: fast reversal of severe osteoporosis after correction of excessive levothyroxine treatment and long-term follow-up

Summary This case report describes a 38-year-old woman, who presented with bilateral femoral stress fractures and osteoporosis after years of excessive levothyroxine treatment. Her bone health was restored rapidly and long-lasting with the reduction of levothyroxine dosage. No bone-active treatment was warranted. Introduction Hyperthyroidism is a known risk factor for...

Manufacturing Process Modeling and Application to Intelligent Control

additional works at: Authors M. Laine Mears, Parikshit Mehta, Mathew Kuttolamadom, Carlos Montes, Joshua Jones, Wesley Salandro, and Drew Werner M. Laine Mears*a, Parikshit

Thermal quarkonium physics in the pseudoscalar channel

quenched lattice QCD, Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 014509 [arXiv:1204.4945] [19] Y. Burnier and M. Laine, Massive vector current correlator in thermal QCD, JHEP 11 (2012) 086 [arXiv:1210.1064] [INSPIRE]. JHEP 11 ... (2013) 012 [arXiv:1309.1573] [INSPIRE]. [20] Y. Burnier and M. Laine, Charm mass effects in bulk channel correlations, [21] Y. Burnier and M. Laine, Temporal mesonic correlators at NLO for any quark mass

Rapid thermal co-annihilation through bound states in QCD

(1986) 783 [Erratum ibid. D 37 (1988) 844] [INSPIRE]. [12] D. Bo¨deker and M. Laine, Heavy quark chemical equilibration rate as a transport coefficient, JHEP 07 (2012) 130 [arXiv:1205.4987] [INSPIRE ... ) 039902] [arXiv:1301.1079] [26] M. Laine, A resummed perturbative estimate for the quarkonium spectral function in hot QCD, JHEP 05 (2007) 028 [arXiv:0704.1720] [INSPIRE]. hot QCD, JHEP 01 (2008) 043

Improved determination of sterile neutrino dark matter spectrum

, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) 161303 [arXiv:1403.0954] [7] M. Laine and M. Shaposhnikov, Sterile neutrino dark matter as a consequence of MSM-induced lepton asymmetry, JCAP 06 (2008) 031 [arXiv:0804.4543 ... . Rev. D 66 ( 2002 ) 025015 [ hep -ph/0203180] [17] T. Asaka , M. Laine and M. Shaposhnikov , On the hadronic contribution to sterile neutrino production , JHEP 06 ( 2006 ) 053 [ hep -ph/0605209] [INSPIRE

Trends in the average temperature in Finland, 1847–2013

The change in the mean temperature in Finland is investigated with a dynamic linear model in order to define the sign and the magnitude of the trend in the temperature time series within the last 166 years. The data consists of gridded monthly mean temperatures. The grid has a 10 km spatial resolution, and it was created by interpolating a homogenized temperature series measured...

Charm contribution to bulk viscosity

Eur. Phys. J. C M. Laine 0 Kiyoumars A. Sohrabi 0 0 Institute for Theoretical Physics, Albert Einstein Center, University of Bern , Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern , Switzerland In the range of ... . D. Bdeker , M. Laine , Heavy quark chemical equilibration rate as a transport coefficient . JHEP 07 , 130 ( 2012 ). arXiv:1205.4987 4. S. Jeon , Hydrodynamic transport coefficients in relativistic

Interpolation of hard and soft dilepton rates

Abstract Strict next-to-leading order (NLO) results for the dilepton production rate from a QCD plasma at temperatures above a few hundred MeV suffer from a breakdown of the loop expansion in the regime of soft invariant masses M 2 ≪ (πT)2. In this regime an LPM resummation is needed for obtaining the correct leading-order result. We show how to construct an interpolation between...

A non-perturbative contribution to jet quenching

M. Laine 0 0 Institute for Theoretical Physics, Albert Einstein Center, University of Bern , Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern, Switzerland It has been argued by Caron-Huot that infrared contributions to

A relation between screening masses and real-time rates

Thermal screening masses related to the conserved vector current are determined for the case that the current carries a non-zero Matsubara frequency, both in a weak-coupling approach and through lattice QCD. We point out that such screening masses are sensitive to the same infrared physics as light-cone real-time rates. In particular, on the perturbative side, the inhomogeneous...

A test on analytic continuation of thermal imaginary-time data

Some time ago, Cuniberti et al. have proposed a novel method for analytically continuing thermal imaginary-time correlators to real time, which requires no model input and should be applicable with finite-precision data as well. Given that these assertions go against common wisdom, we report on a naive test of the method with an idealized example. We do encounter two problems...

Risk factors for post-weaning diarrhoea on piglet producing farms in Finland

Background Post-weaning diarrhoea (PWD) is a significant gastrointestinal disease in pigs. It is considered a multifactorial disease associated with proliferation of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli in the intestinal tract of affected pigs. The aim of this study was to analyse risk factors related to the occurrence of PWD on Finnish piglet producing farms. Methods The data of a...

Heavy-flavor production and medium properties in high-energy nuclear collisions --What next?

P.G. Kuijer M. Laine M.P. Lombardo A. Mischke M.G. Munhoz M. Nahrgang M. Nguyen A.C. Oliveira da Silva P. Petreczky A. Rothkopf M. Schmelling E. Scomparin T. Song J. Stachel A.A.P. Suaide L. Tolos B ... , M.A. Escobedo , J. Ghiglieri , J. Soto , A. Vairo , JHEP 09 , 038 ( 2010 ) arXiv:1007.4156. 34. M. Laine , O. Philipsen , P. Romatschke , M. Tassler , JHEP 03 , 054 ( 2007 ) arXiv:hep- ph/0611300. 35. A