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Correlative Microscopy—Novel Methods and Their Applications to Explore 3D Chemistry and Structure of Nanoscale Lattice Defects: A Case Study in Superalloys

Nanoscale solute segregation to or near lattice defects is a coupled diffusion and trapping phenomenon that occurs in superalloys at high temperatures during service. Understanding the mechanisms underpinning this crucial process will open pathways to tuning the alloy composition for improving the high-temperature performance and lifetime. Here, we introduce an approach combining...

Corrigendum: Brain feminization requires active repression of masculinization via DNA methylation

Bridget M Nugent, Christopher L Wright, Amol C Shetty, Georgia E Hodes, Kathryn M Lenz, Anup Mahurkar, Scott J Russo, Scott E Devine & Margaret M McCarthy Nat. Neurosci. Corrigendum: Brain

Frakturen durch Materialentfernungen

Complications of implant removalFractures during removal of implants are rare (0–1.5 %) but serious complication, particularly because these procedures are thought to be the end of primary treatment, but if this occurs, then the patient will be back at the beginning of therapy. Furthermore 50–60 % of implant removals are highly elective surgeries on healthy patients. Due to the...

Prostaglandin E2 Regulates AMPA Receptor Phosphorylation and Promotes Membrane Insertion in Preoptic Area Neurons and Glia during Sexual Differentiation

Sexual differentiation of the rodent brain is dependent upon the organizing actions of the steroid hormone, estradiol. In the preoptic area, a brain region critical for the expression of adult reproductive behavior, there are twice as many dendritic spine synapses per unit length on newborn male neurons compared to female neurons and this sex difference correlates with the...

Replication Vesicles are Load- and Choke-Points in the Hepatitis C Virus Lifecycle

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection develops into chronicity in 80% of all patients, characterized by persistent low-level replication. To understand how the virus establishes its tightly controlled intracellular RNA replication cycle, we developed the first detailed mathematical model of the initial dynamic phase of the intracellular HCV RNA replication. We therefore...

Meta-analysis does not allow appraisal of complex interventions in diabetes and hypertension self-management: a methodological review

investigators (M. Lenz and A. Steckelberg) using standardised data extraction forms created following Cochrane criteria [17], according to predefined hypotheses (see Fig. 1, and Hypotheses and Data synthesis in

Prevención de la infección asociada a catéteres: utilidad y costo-eficacia de los catéteres con antisépticos en pediatría

asociada a catéter, catéter impregnado con antisépticos, costo-eficacia. Arch Argent Pediatr 2010; 108 (3): 209-215.   Correspondencia a: Dra. Ana M. Lenz. E-mail: ESTE TRABAJO LO PUEDE ENCONTRAR EN