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Low-level light therapy reduces platelet destruction during extracorporeal circulation

Extracorporeal circulation causes many deleterious effects on blood cells. Low-level light therapy (LLLT) in the red/near-infrared spectral range is known for its cytoprotective properties but its use during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) has not yet been studied. We aimed to assess whether LLLT protects platelets during CPB. 24 pigs were connected to 1-hour-CPB and observed for...

Configuration of a pilot station in a technological investigation of groundwater treatment

S Web of Conferences Configuration of a pilot a technological investigation treatment of station in groundwater Paweł Pruss 1 Alina Pruss 0 Małgorzata Komorowska-Kaufman 0 0 Poznan University of

Influence of silybin on biophysical properties of phospholipid bilayers

Aim:Silybin (silibinin) is major biologically active flavonolignan extracted from milk thistle (Sylibum marianum). Its biological activities include hepato-protection, anticancer properties, and antioxidant- and membrane-stabilizing functions. Although membranes are postulated to be one of the cellular targets for silybin, little is known about its interaction with phospholipid...