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Sarcopenic obesity and cognitive performance

Sarcopenic obesity and cognitive performance Magdalena I Tolea,1 Stephanie Chrisphonte,1 James E Galvin1,2 1Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Department of Integrated Medical Sciences ... Clinical Interventions in Aging sarcopenic obesity and cognitive performance Magdalena I Tolea 1 2 0 Christine e. l ynn College of n ursing, l ouis and Anne g reen Memory and Wellness Center

Longitudinal Associations between Physical and Cognitive Performance among Community-Dwelling Older Adults

To assess the directionality of the association between physical and cognitive decline in later life, we compared patterns of decline in performance across groups defined by baseline presence of cognitive and/or physical impairment [none (n = 217); physical only (n = 169); cognitive only (n = 158), or both (n = 220)] in a large sample of participants in a cognitive aging study at...

Living the Good Life? Mortality and Hospital Utilization Patterns in the Old Order Amish

Lifespan increases observed in the United States and elsewhere throughout the developed world, have been attributed in part to improvements in medical care access and technology and to healthier lifestyles. To differentiate the relative contributions of these two factors, we have compared lifespan in the Old Order Amish (OOA), a population with historically low use of medical...