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Surface-Activated Fibre-Like SBA-15 as Drug Carriers for Bone Diseases

Here, we report an inorganic hexagonally ordered mesoporous fibre-like carrier made of silica as an effective drug delivery system with mineralisation potential. Fibre-like SBA-15 has been modified by employing a simple surface activation (rehydroxylation) procedure. The surface-rehydroxylated fibre-like SBA-15 (SBA-15-R) was used to investigate the possible mechanism of...

Formulation and In Vitro Characterization of Bioactive Mesoporous Silica with Doxorubicin and Metronidazole Intended for Bone Treatment and Regeneration

Magdalena Prokopowicz Wies?aw Sawicki The purpose of this study was to evaluate the surface mineralization activity and in vitro drug behavior potential of two forms of mesoporous silica: powder and

Pamięć o Holokauście na Podkarpaciu na początku XXI wieku na przykładzie obchodów rocznicowych

A. Assmann, Mi?dzy histori?..., s. Magdalena Prokopowicz, Wac?aw Wierzbieniec Pami?? o Holokau?cie na Podkarpaciu na pocz?tku XXI wieku na przyk?adzie obchod?w rocznicowych Studia Podlaskie ... MAGDALENA PROKOPOWICZ, WAC?AW WIERZBIENIEC PAMI?? O HOLOKAU?CIE NA PODKARPACIU NA POCZ?TKU XXI WIEKU NA PRZYK?ADZIE OBCHOD?W ROCZNICOWYCH DOI: 10.15290/sp.2016.24.09 S?owa kluczowe: pami?? zbiorowa