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Evaluation of tooth brushing behavior change by social marketing approach among primary students in Qom, Iran: A quasi-experimental controlled study

Conceptualization: Ali Asghar Habibi, Mahdia Gholami, Ahmad Reza Shamshiri. Data curation: Ali Asghar Habibi, Ahmad Reza Shamshiri. Formal analysis: Ahmad Reza Shamshiri. Funding acquisition: Mahdia Gholami ... . Investigation: Ali Asghar Habibi. Methodology: Mahdia Gholami, Ahmad Reza Shamshiri. Project administration: Ali Asghar Habibi, Mahdia Gholami. Resources: Ali Asghar Habibi. Software: Ahmad Reza Shamshiri

Evaluation of the Impact of a Mass Media Campaign on Periodontal Knowledge among Iranian Adults: A Three-Month Follow-Up

Objectives This study aimed to evaluate the impact of a national media campaign to promote oral health and periodontal knowledge among adults after a three-month follow-up. Methods We conducted a population-based study of adults aged 18 to 50 years using a stratified multi-stage sampling method in Tehran, Iran in 2011. The campaign included an animation clip about periodontal...

Assessment of periodontal knowledge following a mass media oral health promotion campaign: a population-based study

Background Oral health promotion can be achieved through education using various approaches including mass media health education campaigns. Mass media campaigns might increase oral health knowledge and perhaps could lead to desired behaviour changes and prevention of oral diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a national television campaign on knowledge of...