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A students’ survey of cultural competence as a basis for identifying gaps in the medical curriculum

Background Assessing the cultural competence of medical students that have completed the curriculum provides indications on the effectiveness of cultural competence training in that curriculum. However, existing measures for cultural competence mostly rely on self-perceived cultural competence. This paper describes the outcomes of an assessment of knowledge, reflection ability...

Course of post-traumatic stress disorder and health care utilisation among resettled refugees in the Netherlands

Background Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a major health problem among refugees worldwide. After resettlement, the prevalence of PTSD remains high despite the fact that various PTSD treatments are known to be effective. Methods We examined the course of PTSD and the role of mental health care utilisation at a 7-year interval (2003–2010) among a cohort of refugees from...

Quality of primary care for resettled refugees in the Netherlands with chronic mental and physical health problems: a cross-sectional analysis of medical records and interview data

Marije A van Melle 0 Majda Lamkaddem 0 Martijn M Stuiver Annette AM Gerritsen Walter LJM Devill Marie-Louise Essink-Bot 0 0 Department of Public Health, Academic Medical Center, University of

Changes in health and primary health care use of Moroccan and Turkish migrants between 2001 and 2005: a longitudinal study

Background Social environment and health status are related, and changes affecting social relations may also affect the general health state of a group. During the past few years, several events have affected the relationships between Muslim immigrants and the non-immigrant population in many countries. This study investigates whether the health status of the Moroccan and Turkish...

Good practice in health care for migrants: views and experiences of care professionals in 16 European countries

Background Health services across Europe provide health care for migrant patients every day. However, little systematic research has explored the views and experiences of health care professionals in different European countries. The aim of this study was to assess the difficulties professionals experience in their service when providing such care and what they consider...