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Contribution to the solpugid (Arachnida: Solifugae) fauna of Iran

This study reports records of camel spiders from the NE and NW of Iran: Galeodes bacillatus (♂♀), Galeodes caspius (♂♀), Gylippus (Hemigylippus) lamelliger (♀), Rhagodes melanochaetus (♀), Rhagodes aureus (♂), Karschia persica (♀), and Karschia mastigofera (♂). Of these, K. mastigofera is recorded for the first time from Iran.

Contact Zone of Asian and European Wild Boar at North West of Iran

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) are widely distributed throughout the Old World. Most studies have focused on Europe and East Asia with the genetic diversity of West Asia being less well studied. In particular, the genetic variability and genetic structure of the Iranian populations are not yet known; gaps which prevent scientists from resolving the genetic relationships of the Eurasian...

Beak and skull shapes of human commensal and non-commensal house sparrows Passer domesticus

Aliabadian Glenn-Peter Saetre 0 0 Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biological Sciences, University of Oslo , P. O. Box 1066, Blindern, Oslo N-0316 , Norway Background

Molecular Identification of Birds: Performance of Distance-Based DNA Barcoding in Three Genes to Delimit Parapatric Species

Background DNA barcoding based on the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene (cox1 or COI) has been successful in species identification across a wide array of taxa but in some cases failed to delimit the species boundaries of closely allied allopatric species or of hybridising sister species. Methodology/Principal Findings In this study we extend the sample size of...

Geographic patterns in the distribution of Palearctic songbirds

A database was created of digitized equal area distribution maps of 3,036 phylogenetic species of Palearctic songbirds. Biogeographic patterns are reported for two data sets: (1) including all passeriform bird species reported as breeding within the boundaries of our study map, (2) passeriform species restricted in their distribution to our study region, thus excluding the partly...