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The influence of feeding behaviour on growth performance, carcass and meat characteristics of growing pigs

Maria Angeles Latorre Manuel Fondevila Stefano Schiavon 0 0 Department of Agronomy , Food, Natural Resources , Animals and Environment, University of Padova , Legnaro, Padova , Italy , 2 Department of ... , Mirco Dalla Bona, Maria Angeles Latorre, Manuel Fondevila, Stefano Schiavon. Funding acquisition: Luigi Gallo, Stefano Schiavon. Investigation: Giuseppe Carc?, Luigi Gallo, Mirco Dalla Bona, Maria

Los nuevos estatutos de autonomía en el marco del derecho constitucional comparado

  Manuel Fondevila Marón**   ** Licenciado en derecho por la Universidad de La Coruña; licenciado en ciencias políticas por la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, y máster en derecho de la

Uniparental Markers of Contemporary Italian Population Reveals Details on Its Pre-Roman Heritage

Background According to archaeological records and historical documentation, Italy has been a melting point for populations of different geographical and ethnic matrices. Although Italy has been a favorite subject for numerous population genetic studies, genetic patterns have never been analyzed comprehensively, including uniparental and autosomal markers throughout the country...

Ancestry Analysis in the 11-M Madrid Bomb Attack Investigation

The 11-M Madrid commuter train bombings of 2004 constituted the second biggest terrorist attack to occur in Europe after Lockerbie, while the subsequent investigation became the most complex and wide-ranging forensic case in Spain. Standard short tandem repeat (STR) profiling of 600 exhibits left certain key incriminatory samples unmatched to any of the apprehended suspects. A...