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Streamflow Changes in the Vicinity of Seismogenic Fault After the 1999 Chi–Chi Earthquake

Changes in streamflow have been observed at 23 stream gauges in central Taiwan after the 1999 M W 7.6 Chi–Chi earthquake. Post-earthquake increases, ranging from 58 to 833% in discharge, were recorded at 22 gauges on four rivers and their tributaries. The streamflow increase typically peaked in 2–3 days and followed by a slow decay for a month or more. An increased groundwater...

Mapping fracture flow paths with a nanoscale zero-valent iron tracer test and a flowmeter test

The detection of preferential flow paths and the characterization of their hydraulic properties are important for the development of hydrogeological conceptual models in fractured-rock aquifers. In this study, nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) particles were used as tracers to characterize fracture connectivity between two boreholes in fractured rock. A magnet array was installed...

Characterization of preferential flow paths between boreholes in fractured rock using a nanoscale zero-valent iron tracer test

Recent advances in borehole geophysical techniques have improved characterization of cross-hole fracture flow. The direct detection of preferential flow paths in fractured rock, however, remains to be resolved. In this study, a novel approach using nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI or ‘nano-iron’) as a tracer was developed for detecting fracture flow paths directly. Generally...