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Group size effects and critical mass in public goods games

Understanding whether the size of the interacting group has an effect on cooperative behavior has been a major topic of debate since the seminal works on cooperation in the 1960s. Half a century later, scholars have yet to reach a consensus, with some arguing that cooperation is harder in larger groups, while others that cooperation is easier in larger groups, and yet others that...

The emergence of altruism as a social norm

Systems (BIFI), University of Zaragoza, 50018, Zaragoza, SpainAngel Sánchez AuthorsSearch for María Pereda in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Pablo Brañas-Garza in:Nature ... Correspondence to María Pereda. Electronic supplementary material Supplementary Information Rights and permissions Open Access This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Effect of Resource Spatial Correlation and Hunter-Fisher-Gatherer Mobility on Social Cooperation in Tierra del Fuego

This article presents an agent-based model designed to explore the development of cooperation in hunter-fisher-gatherer societies that face a dilemma of sharing an unpredictable resource that is randomly distributed in space. The model is a stylised abstraction of the Yamana society, which inhabited the channels and islands of the southernmost part of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina...

El precursor del factor de crecimiento epidérmico: Perspectivas de su utilización como marcador tumoral

2003. Lic. Celia María Pereda Meira. Instituto Nacional de Oncología y Radiobiología, F y 29, El Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. Correo electrónico: 1 Investigadora Agregada. Laboratorio de