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Boat noise prevents soundscape-based habitat selection by coral planulae

PolynesiaDavid Lecchini, Frédéric Bertucci, Camille Gache, Adam Khalife, Marc Besson, Natacha Roux, Cecile Berthe, Maggy M. Nugues & Laetitia HédouinLaboratoire d’Excellence “CORAIL”, Moorea, French PolynesiaDavid ... Search for Camille Gache in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Adam Khalife in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Marc Besson in:Nature Research

Exposure to agricultural pesticide impairs visual lateralization in a larval coral reef fish

for the support provided to its Environment Laboratories. Author information Author notes Marc Besson and Camille Gache contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsPSL Research University: EPHE ... ), Principality of Monaco, 98000, MonacoHugo JacobCenter for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, Piazza Manifattura 1, 38068, Rovereto (TN), ItalyValeria Anna Sovrano AuthorsSearch for Marc Besson

Consistency in the supply of larval fishes among coral reefs in French Polynesia

For marine fishes with a bipartite life cycle, pelagic larval dispersal can shape the distribution, connectivity, composition and resilience of adult populations. Numerous studies of larval dispersal, and associated settlement and recruitment processes, have examined the relationship between population connectivity and oceanographic features. However, relatively little is known...