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The quest for the identity of Orthoceratium lacustre (Scopoli, 1763) reveals centuries of misidentifications (Diptera, Dolichopodidae)

History Museum, London , UK; Hungarian Museum of Natural History, Budapest, Hungary; Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research , Sofia, Bulgaria; Marc Pollet private collection, Welle , Belgium 2 ... ”; “Orthoceratium lacustre”/ “ (Scopoli, 1763) ”/ “det. Marc Pollet, 2017”; [red rectangular] “NEOTYPE” / “des. Marc Pollet, 2018” (2017 on initial label in Figure 1) [ZMHB] (IT-04). Other material examined. See

Arthropod Distribution in a Tropical Rainforest: Tackling a Four Dimensional Puzzle

Quantifying the spatio-temporal distribution of arthropods in tropical rainforests represents a first step towards scrutinizing the global distribution of biodiversity on Earth. To date most studies have focused on narrow taxonomic groups or lack a design that allows partitioning of the components of diversity. Here, we consider an exceptionally large dataset (113,952 individuals...