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Crack growth behaviour of aluminium wrought alloys in the Very High Cycle Fatigue regime

Investigations have shown that in the regime of Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) “natural” crack initiation often takes place underneath the material surface leading to crack propagation without contact to atmospheric components. In order to elucidate the environmental damage contribution and its effect on the VHCF long crack propagation, fatigue experiments with alternating...

Understanding the near-threshold crack growth behavior in an aluminum alloy by x-ray tomography

The near-threshold behavior of long cracks is evaluated using pre-cracked flat dogbone specimens of a commercial aluminum alloy in two heat treatment states. Once the threshold was known, the crack initially introduced by cyclic compression was propagated under load control with approximately constant range of the stress intensity factor at values close to the threshold values...

Coupled Crystal Plasticity–Phase Field Fracture Simulation Study on Damage Evolution Around a Void: Pore Shape Versus Crystallographic Orientation

associated plastic behavior as well as on the shape of the pore. - MARTIN DIEHL ,1,3 MARCEL WICKE,2 PRATHEEK SHANTHRAJ,1 FRANZ ROTERS,1 ANGELIKA BRUECKNER-FOIT,2 and DIERK RAABE1 INTRODUCTION The