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Ethylene and lettuce seed germination

Ethylene can stimulate seed germination and overcome dormancy in many species. For instance, the inhibitory effect of high temperature on lettuce seed germination can be overcome by exogenous ethylene. Involvement of ethylene in seed germination is a widely accepted fact, but the mechanistic details are poorly understood. A critical factor in ethylene studies is the response of...

Muskmelon seed germination and seedling development in response to seed priming

    Warley Marcos Nascimento Embrapa Hortaliças, C.P. 218, CEP: 70359-970, Brasília, DF. CNPq Fellow Address to correspondence     ABSTRACT Important factors affecting seed priming have not been ... Marcos Nascimento E-mail: Received February 7, 2002

Colheita e armazenamento de sementes de coentro

This study aimed to evaluate the physical and physiological quality of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) seeds harvested manually and mechanically, as well as the physiological and sanitary quality of whole and split seeds stored in different containers and storage conditions. 'Verdão' coriander seeds were harvested manually and mechanically. After conditioning, seed purity was...

Desempenho de sementes peletizadas de alface em função do material cimentante e da temperatura de secagem dos péletes

Seeds of lettuce cv. Grand Rapids Nacional were pelleted using as a filler, a mixture of sand and microcellulose in equal volume parts, and as a glue, different volumes of water suspension of bentonite and polyvinyl acetate at five proportions (%): 100+0; 75+25; 50+50; 25+75; and 0+100 applied apart, betonite being applied in the first coat layer. After pelleting, seeds were...

The WHO Maternal Near-Miss Approach and the Maternal Severity Index Model (MSI): Tools for Assessing the Management of Severe Maternal Morbidity

Objectives To validate the WHO maternal near-miss criteria and develop a benchmark tool for severe maternal morbidity assessments. Methods In a multicenter cross-sectional study implemented in 27 referral maternity hospitals in Brazil, a one-year prospective surveillance on severe maternal morbidity and data collection was carried out. Diagnostic accuracy tests were used to...