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Inverse Linking, Possessive Weak Definites and Haddock Descriptions: A Unified Dependent Type Account

This paper proposes a unified dependent type analysis of three puzzling phenomena: inversely linked interpretations, weak definite readings in possessives and Haddock-type readings. We argue that the three problematic readings have the same underlying surface structure, and that the surface structure postulated can be interpreted properly and compositionally using dependent types...

Monads of Regular Theories

Stanisaw Szawiel Marek Zawadowski We characterize the categories of semi-analytic monads, regular Lawvere theories, and regular operads that are equivalent to the category of regular equational

Generalized Płonka Sums and Products

Marek Zawadowski 0 0 M. Zawadowski ( ) Instytut Matematyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski, ul. S.Banacha 2, 00-913 Warszawa, Poland We give an abstract categorical treatment of Ponka sums and products