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Global migration of clinical research during the era of trial registration

curation: Paul K. Drain, Robert A. Parker, Marion Robine. 11 / 13 Formal analysis: Robert A. Parker. Funding acquisition: Paul K. Drain. Methodology: Paul K. Drain. Project administration: Marion Robine ... . Writing ± original draft: Paul K. Drain. Investigation: Paul K. Drain, Robert A. Parker, Marion Robine, King K. Holmes. Writing ± review & editing: Robert A. Parker, Marion Robine, King K. Holmes. 12 / 13

A randomized trial to optimize HIV/TB care in South Africa: design of the Sizanani trial

Background Despite increases in HIV testing, only a fraction of people newly diagnosed with HIV infection enter the care system and initiate antiretroviral therapy (ART) in South Africa. We report on the design and initial enrollment of a randomized trial of a health system navigator intervention to improve linkage to HIV care and TB treatment completion in Durban, South Africa...

Routine HIV Screening in Portugal: Clinical Impact and Cost-Effectiveness

ObjectiveTo compare the clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of routine HIV screening in Portugal to the current practice of targeted and on-demand screening. DesignWe used Portuguese national clinical and economic data to conduct a model-based assessment. MethodsWe compared current HIV detection practices to strategies of increasingly frequent routine HIV screening in...