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Semi-Direct Sum Theorem and Nearest Neighbor under l_infty

08540 , USA 2 Mark Braverman We introduce semi-direct sum theorem as a framework for proving asymmetric communication lower bounds for the functions of the form Win=1 f (x, yi). Utilizing tools developed ... . Hardness of nearest neighbor under l-infinity . In Foundations of Computer Science , 2008 . FOCS'08. IEEE 49th Annual IEEE Symposium on , pages 424 - 433 . IEEE, 2008 . Boaz Barak , Mark Braverman, Xi Chen

Information Value of Two-Prover Games

. RANDOM , 2009 . Mark Braverman and Ankit Garg . Small value parallel repetition for general games . In Rocco A. Servedio and Ronitt Rubinfeld , editors, Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual ACM on ... Symposium on Theory of Computing, STOC 2015 , Portland , OR , USA, June 14-17, 2015 , pages 335 - 340 . ACM, 2015 . doi: 10 .1145/2746539.2746565. Mark Braverman and Anup Rao . Information equals amortized

Coding in Undirected Graphs Is Either Very Helpful or Not Helpful at All

While it is known that using network coding can significantly improve the throughput of directed networks, it is a notorious open problem whether coding yields any advantage over the multicommodity flow (MCF) rate in undirected networks. It was conjectured that the answer is no. In this paper we show that even a small advantage over MCF can be amplified to yield a near-maximum...

A Candidate for a Strong Separation of Information and Communication

Braverman, Xi Chen, and Anup Rao . How to compress interactive communication . In STOC , pages 67 - 76 , 2010 . Mark Braverman . Interactive information complexity . In STOC , pages 505 - 524 , 2012 . Mark ... Braverman . A hard-to-compress interactive task? In 51th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing , 2013 . Mark Braverman and Anup Rao . Information equals amortized communication

Information Complexity Is Computable

. In Foundations of Computer Science , 2002 . Proceedings. The 43rd Annual IEEE Symposium on , pages 209 - 218 . IEEE, 2002 . Boaz Barak , Mark Braverman, Xi Chen, and Anup Rao . How to compress ... Annual Symposium on , pages 783 - 792 . IEEE, 1991 . Mark Braverman . Interactive information complexity . SIAM Journal on Computing , 44 ( 6 ): 1698 - 1739 , 2015 . Mark Braverman , Ankit Garg, Denis

Search using queries on indistinguishable items

We investigate the problem of determining a set S of k indistinguishable integers in the range [1, n]. The algorithm is allowed to query an integer q \in [1,n], and receive a response comparing this integer to an integer randomly chosen from S. The algorithm has no control over which element of S the query q is compared to. We show tight bounds for this problem. In particular, we...

Data-Driven Decisions for Reducing Readmissions for Heart Failure: General Methodology and Case Study

Background Several studies have focused on stratifying patients according to their level of readmission risk, fueled in part by incentive programs in the U.S. that link readmission rates to the annual payment update by Medicare. Patient-specific predictions about readmission have not seen widespread use because of their limited accuracy and questions about the efficacy of using...

Computability and Complexity of Julia Sets (Invited Talk)

Studying dynamical systems is key to understanding a wide range of phenomena ranging from planetary movement to climate patterns to market dynamics. Various numerical tools have been developed to address specific questions about dynamical systems, such as predicting the weather or planning the trajectory of a satellite. However, the theory of computation behind these problems...

Fractional Pebbling and Thrifty Branching Programs

We study the branching program complexity of the {\em tree evaluation problem}, introduced in \cite{BrCoMcSaWe09} as a candidate for separating \nl\ from\logcfl. The input to the problem is a rooted, balanced $d$-ary tree of height$h$, whose internal nodes are labelled with $d$-ary functions on$[k]=\{1,\ldots,k\}$, and whose leaves are labelled with elements of $[k]$.Each node...