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Comparative in silico study of congocidine congeners as potential inhibitors of African swine fever virus

Wamalwa, George Obiero. Formal analysis: Dickson Kinyanyi, Peris Amwayi, Mark Wamalwa, George Obiero. Investigation: Dickson Kinyanyi, Mark Wamalwa. Methodology: Dickson Kinyanyi, George Obiero. Project ... administration: Dickson Kinyanyi, Peris Amwayi, Mark Wamalwa. Supervision: Mark Wamalwa, George Obiero. Writing ? original draft: Dickson Kinyanyi, Peris Amwayi, Mark Wamalwa, George Obiero. Writing ? review

Prediction of protein–protein interactions between Theileria parva and Bos taurus based on sequence homology

Wamalwa 0 Joseph Ng'ang'a 1 0 BecA-ILRI , P.O. Box 30197, 00100 Nairobi , Kenya 1 Department of Biochemistry, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology , P.O. Box 62000, 00200 Nairobi , Kenya

Microbial Community Structure and Diversity in an Integrated System of Anaerobic-Aerobic Reactors and a Constructed Wetland for the Treatment of Tannery Wastewater in Modjo, Ethiopia

A culture-independent approach was used to elucidate the microbial diversity and structure in the anaerobic-aerobic reactors integrated with a constructed wetland for the treatment of tannery wastewater in Modjo town, Ethiopia. The system has been running with removal efficiencies ranging from 94%–96% for COD, 91%–100% for SO42- and S2-, 92%–94% for BOD, 56%–82% for total...

TpUB05, a Homologue of the Immunodominant Plasmodium falciparum Protein UB05, Is a Marker of Protective Immune Responses in Cattle Experimentally Vaccinated against East Coast Fever

Introduction East Coast fever, a devastating disease of cattle, can be controlled partially by vaccination with live T. parva sporozoites. The antigens responsible for conferring immunity are not fully characterized. Recently it was shown that the P. falciparum immunodominant protein UB05 is highly conserved in T. parva, the causative agent of East Coast fever. The aim of the...