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Water uptake analysis of acceptor-doped lanthanum orthoniobates

In this work, lanthanum orthoniobates doped with either antimony, calcium, or both have been synthesized and studied. The water uptake of the investigated materials has been analyzed by means of thermogravimetric studies. The results show the difference between the thermodynamics of hydration between the lanthanum orthoniobate system and other proton conducting ceramics. The...

Thermal and physical properties of ZrO2–AlO(OH) nanopowders synthesised by microwave hydrothermal method

Industrially relevant nanopowder was synthesised by microwave hydrothermal synthesis to obtain well-controlled composition (ZrO2–AlO(OH) system) which was found to determine a number of physical and thermal characteristics. This study reports variation of particle size, density, specific surface area (SSABET), as well as thermal behaviour of nanopowder mixtures of ZrO2–AlO(OH) in...