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Performance of GPS units for deployment on semiaquatic animals

Patricia Graf for input regarding accelerometer data. The University of South-Eastern Norway funded this study. Conceptualization: Martin Mayer. Data curation: Martin Mayer. Formal analysis: Lia Schlippe ... Justicia, Martin Mayer. Funding acquisition: Frank Rosell. Methodology: Lia Schlippe Justicia, Martin Mayer. Writing – original draft: Lia Schlippe Justicia. Writing – review & editing: Frank Rosell

Comments on Lynn A. Stourt's \The Investor Confidence Game

Comments on Lynn A . Stourt's \Th Confid ence Game The N inth Annual Abraham L. Pomerantz Lecture Martin Mayer Recommended Citation Martin Mayer, Comments on Lynn A. Stourt's \Th e Investor Confi ... of trust out there. The assertion in academia that people willingly make themselves vulnerable when they trust © 2002 Martin Mayer. All Rights Reserved. Martin Mayer is currently a guest scholar at

Exploiting joint sparsity in compressed sensing-based RFID

We propose a novel scheme to improve compressed sensing (CS)-based radio frequency identification (RFID) by exploiting multiple measurement vectors. Multiple measurement vectors are obtained by employing multiple receive antennas at the reader or by separation into real and imaginary parts. Our problem formulation renders the corresponding signal vectors jointly sparse, which in...

Viral promoters can initiate expression of toxin genes introduced into Escherichia coli

Background The expression of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic cells requires the fusion of the coding region to a promoter functional in the eukaryotic cell line. Viral promoters are very often used for this purpose. The preceding cloning procedures are usually performed in Escherichia coli and it is therefore of interest if the foreign promoter results in an expression of the...