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Molecular Characterization and Functional Analysis of Annulate Lamellae Pore Complexes in Nuclear Transport in Mammalian Cells

(Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD); anti-RanGAP1 rabbit polyclonal antibody (pAb) [49], Dr. Mary Dasso (NIH, Bethesda, MD); anti-POM121 rabbit pAb (EMD Millipore); anti-tubulin mouse mAb (Sigma); anti-Myc

SUMOylation and deSUMOylation at a glance

proteins have been identified as potential SUMO-conjugation (SUMOylation) targets (Hochstrasser, 2009), SUMOylation and DeSUMOylation at a Glance Yonggang Wang and Mary Dasso SGly OSCys Ubc9 HSCys Ubc9

Identification and Developmental Expression of Xenopus laevis SUMO Proteases

SUMO proteins are small ubiquitin-related modifiers. All SUMOs are synthesized as propeptides that are post-translationally cleaved prior to conjugation. After processing, SUMOs become covalently conjugated to cellular targets through a pathway that is similar to ubiquitination. Ubiquitin like protein proteases/Sentrin specific proteases (Ulp/SENPs) mediate both processing and...

Human Condensin Function Is Essential for Centromeric Chromatin Assembly and Proper Sister Kinetochore Orientation

Condensins I and II in vertebrates are essential ATP-dependent complexes necessary for chromosome condensation in mitosis. Condensins depletion is known to perturb structure and function of centromeres, however the mechanism of this functional link remains elusive. Depletion of condensin activity is now shown to result in a significant loss of loading of CENP-A, the histone H3...