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The optical microscopic observation of frictional interface between high strength gels and a glass ball by ball-on-disk method

The polymer gels with the properties of high strength and low friction show promise as the ideal materials for a living body-like soft robot joint. To date, the relationship between contact area and friction behavior of hydrogels has been revealed from the observation of flat frictional surface. Here, we designed the microscopic observation system for the friction surface of soft...

A risk averse approach to the capacity allocation problem in the airline cargo industry

In air cargo transportation, capacity can be reserved via allotment, which are long-term contracts with fixed price, and free, which is the space not assigned to allotment contracts. In this later case, reservations are made closer to the departure date, and normally higher tariffs are charged. The demand, the tariff, and the show-up rate for the free mode are stochastic. We...

Efficient Genome Editing in Apple Using a CRISPR/Cas9 system

Genome editing is a powerful technique for genome modification in molecular research and crop breeding, and has the great advantage of imparting novel desired traits to genetic resources. However, the genome editing of fruit tree plantlets remains to be established. In this study, we describe induction of a targeted gene mutation in the endogenous apple phytoene desaturase (PDS...